Fallout 4: All You Need To Know About The Best Female Companion

“Fallout 4” was published by  Bethesda Softworks and was developed by  Bethesda Game Studios. This is an action role-playing game and is the fourth main game in the fallout series. This game was released for  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and was released worldwide on 10th November 2015.Fallout 4

The game includes several local landmarks, which include fort independence, the old bridge, sanctuary hills, and bunker hills. This game has been awarded for the game of the year and best game at the academy of interactive arts & science and the British academy games award.

Here I will be telling you the best female companion of Fallout 4-

  1. Curie
  2. Cait
  3. Pipper

CurieFallout 4

Contagious Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer or Curie is Miss nanny. Also, she is the most powerful companion in the game Fallout 4, and when you encounter her you don’t consider her as a  human being. You have to transfer her to a synthetic body as her Mr. handy form is not much in use with combat.

After having her affinity pack combat Medic which grants you 100 HP once every 24 hours if you drop under 10% of your HP. She considers any act of generosity and kindness.

CaitFallout 4

She is a strong and skilled companion to have, although she is a drug-addicted person and is having a short life. As she is violent, she is always to be a raider, she can easily handle fights on her own with the shotguns. One of the best qualities in her is, she can pick any lock which you needed. And after gaining her trust, she will give you the Trigger Rush Perk.

PipperFallout 4

She uses to work in diamond city and public occurrence she works as a reporter. You will be getting your first interaction with her in Fallout 4 at city gates, where you will be seeing her struggling for going inside. In the game, she will be available to you after you introduce yourself to her. Why she used to do reporting no wonders for it but her choice of weapon is the pistol. She will also grant you a gift of Gab Perk.

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