Since Keeping up With the Kardashians first premiered back in 2007, Rob Kardashian has had to go through several ups and downs in his life, both physically and otherwise. He appears to be a completely different person today, especially if compared to the version of him that was introduced back in the early 2010s.

About Rob Kardashian’s health sruggles

34 year old Robert Arthur Kardashian is a television personality who is known for appearing in his the reality show that spins around his family, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He belongs to the infamous Kardashian family and has a child with his partner Blac Chyna.

Around 2012 was when things started going downhill for Rob, in terms of his health. People started noticing that he had begun gaining weight and his appearance had begun to change. Rumours around that time suggested that his Break up with British singer Rita Ora might have been the reason behind the trigger. In the following years, his appearances in the reality show started declining and he stopped feeling comfortable to be on camera.

Why did Rob Kardashian get Fat: Details about his Health Struggles

Most of his social media posts from this time were deleted and around 2014 was when Rob started to notice the fact that people were talking about his weight, to which he responded by tweeting “So i found out i was trending for being fat … thank you all it really made my day :)”. He even skipped his sister Kim’s wedding that year and when asked later on the show, she revealed that this was because he was not comfortable being on the wedding photos.

His sisters Kim and Khloe have opened up about his struggles and discussed how him not being comfortable in his skin is a phase and that he was trying really hard to get out of it and back to where he really wanted to be. His mother Kris had also stated in an episode of KUWTK that she was extremely worried about her son’s health. She stated that he is stuck in a very bad place in life and if she couldn’t do something drastic, he’d be dead.

Later that summer, things began to change and Rob seemed to have started taking his health and fitness seriously. He started being active and things seemed to be getting better.

Rob Kardashian’s relationship with Blac Chyna

It was around this time that Rob had started dating Blac Chyna and the relationship was another turning point in his life. Even though their relationship ended in an ugly and bitter manner, being with Chyna seemed to motivate rob to work out and focus on his fitness. He had also started appearing in pubic again and been able to get his type-2 diabetes under control.

Later after his breakup with Blac, things started going down for Rob and he retreated from public life once again. Around two years later- around 2018, however, he started showing progress with his weight loss again. That was when it started looking like he was finally back on board, after numerous ups and downs over the last couple of years, changing things for the better, making serious progress and allowing himself to enjoy with his family again.

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