Best Guns Battlefront Everything You Need To Know

Star Wars is something that we all admire a lot. Being a Star Wars fan, we loved Star Wars Battlefront 2. As fans of the Star Wars franchise, there are some things we need to know about these games. That’s why here we are going to talk about the best guns in Dice’s game.

EL-16HFE Assault

.best guns battlefront

Those who love to challenge opponents from long-range love to use the EL-16HFE as it is incredibly productive from long distances. If players can hit their shots then EL-16HFE is unbeatable at range.It is a bit difficult to comprehend how to manage the gun’s difficulty to control recoil. 

*DC-15 LE

If players are looking for a reliable and consistent blaster then this one is recommended. It requires to be provided with a reduced recoil attachment, as it will hit more than most blasters. It is considered in the top 10 weapons that players will love.


If players equip the exceeding burst attachment then the burst weapon will still perform well at close range. For those players who wanted the fun weapons to use then, this is recommended.

.best guns battlefront

IQA-11 Specialist

If we want to down nearly all enemies with one head and one body shot then IQA is the best weapon to choose. One default we see is that heavy opponents will take an extra shot to down. Still, players can have victory using the weapon on the battlefront.

S-5 Officer

For those players who want to fight enemies from a distance while using the officer class this one is recommended. This weapon is exceptionally useful at medium and longer ranges. Players will get surprised when players use it on maps with long sightlines.

best guns battlefront

T-21 Heavy

We use it T-21 in medium to long-range situations. The features we came across in this weapon are slow to fire rate, moderate recoil, and exceptionally high damage. The thing we need to remember is that we get penalized for a missed shot due to the fire rate just like EL-16.

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