Maksim Chmerkovskiy Married Karina Smirnoff and Current Relationship Controversy

The relationship is more complex than trigonometry and Differentiation in Mathematics. Falling in love is easy but maintaining that love to last forever is not that easy. Here we are going to discuss how one of the popular dancing couples turns into exes and that is Maksim and Karina.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

His full name is Maksim Aleksandrovich “Maks” Chmerkovskiy. He is well known for his dancing abilities in Dancing With The Stars. Not only he is great at dancing but he is also a renowned ballroom dance champion and choreographer. 

maksim chmerkovskiy married karina smirnoff

In Dancing With the Stars, he is considered one of America’s most-watched and most beloved cast members.  He is a Ukrainian-American heartthrob. And many of his fans called him “bad boy of the ballroom”. We have also seen him in a guest stint in General Hospital and the Netflix reboot Fuller House.

maksim chmerkovskiy married karina smirnoff

Karina Smirnoff

She is a great ballroom dancer of Ukrainian origins.  In Dancing With The Stars we get to see her with army veteran and American actor J.R. Martinez in the thirteen seasons. The pair also won the thirteen season.

maksim chmerkovskiy married karina smirnoff

She is well known for her titles like United States National Champion, World Trophy Champion and Asian Open Champion. The best thing about her is that she is the first female dancer to ever went to the British Professional Final with three different partners.

We have seen her as a dance instructor in the film, “Shall We Dance” and a guest appearance as Madame Escajeda in Hannah Montana. 

maksim chmerkovskiy married karina smirnoff

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Married Karina Smirnoff and Their relationship

In the Burn the Floor show we get to see Maksim and Karina for the inaugural production. They both know each other in Dancing With The Stars. Later they got engaged but sadly not forever as in 2011 they ended their engagement. But things were not as complicated as we think.

maksim chmerkovskiy married karina smirnoff

In 2013, we see Maksim as a guest judge and Karina was with her partner Corbin Bleu, both are heading to this season’s finals. It’s normal to be anxious when we came to know that our ex is watching and the same goes for her too. Still, she has done her best and got high marks on both performances.

maksim chmerkovskiy married karina smirnoff

He had some kinds for her and said to the Bleu that “I think you have a enormous advantage during this competition. You have what I concede to be Top 5 best female dancers of all time.”

She was touched by her ex words that it leads her to run towards him to kiss Maksim on the cheek.About her response, she said that “He had such a sweet comment, and I didn’t know what else to try to do. I used to be like, that’s so sweet. Should I kiss him?”

She also said that “I think he did an excellent job. He had a lot of constructive criticism because he has been on each sides now, as a judge and as a dancer, and he knows what proportion of work we put in every week getting the dances ready. I think he did a amazing job, and that I was surprised with that comment, but Maks is always full of surprises!”

maksim chmerkovskiy married karina smirnoff

But that doesn’t mean they moved on easily. There were times where Maksim is not comfortable with the encounters on the set with his ex-fiancée, Karina Smirnoff.During such awkward moments, she have stated that “We both trying to work out our lives and work on ourselves. At this moment, we’re happy to be where we are.”

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