Destiny 2 The Ace Of Spades Catalyst: How to find it and What it does?

The Ace Of Spades Catalyst of Destiny 2 is said to be a powerful Handcannon. It comes with inbuilt abilities which allow dealing with extra damage through headshots, increases damage after kills, and many other benefits.

The Ace Of Spades Catalyst

The weapon is highly recommended by any Destiny 2  player, but it takes so much time and effort to get it. Here we will provide small help and tips to get your hands on the Weapon and also how to master using it.

What does The Ace Of Spades Catalyst do?

The Ace Of Spades Catalyst provides a single perk with benefit.

There is an in-built perk which is Memento Mori. Memento Mori triggers when the player reloads. The fresh Magazine contains a few bullets that deals with extra damage. If those few bullets are used to a precise kill which is a typical headshot, it will activate the Firefly. Firefly will explode the target which deals with Solar damage to the players close by.

You should grind and do a lot of practice to take full advantage of the new perk.

How to get The Ace Of Spades Catalyst?

To get The Ace Of Spades Catalyst requires a lot of practice. It is a random drop that happens when the player is in the middle of a Strike or Crucible match. There is even indication on how frequently the weapon drops but considering various player’s experiences, it’s very rare.

The Ace Of Spades Catalyst

The weapon may drop in the first few sessions, but it’s likely that you have to play several rounds for few weeks to get hands-on the weapon. The small tips will be playing high-level Crucible matches or tougher strikes. To be successful the player is said to have a balance between difficulty and efficiency.

Upgrade to The Ace Of Spades Catalyst

The Ace Of Spades Catalyst

After you get your hands-on The Ace Of Spades Catalyst weapon, the players are advised to take time to upgrade. For the upgrade, the player needs to have 500 enemy kills with The Ace Of Spades Catalyst weapon. The kills will of course take a lot of time, which will help the player in efficiently using the weapon.

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