Friday The 13th 2016 Game Release Date, Gameplay and Everything You Need To Know

Friday The 13th 2016 Game is a survival horror video game. Illfonic and Gun Media produced and released it, respectively. On May 26, 2017, it was made available digitally. On October 13, 2017, it was physically published for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. #friday13th

The plot of Friday The 13th 2016 Game

From their point of view, it’s a semi-open world video game—the game’s setting in the 1980s. A mythical Friday 13th camo crystal Lake appears in the story.

The gameplay of Friday The 13th 2016 Game

This game allows up to eight players to participate in a single playing session. One of these eight players will be chosen at random to portray the role of Jason Voorhees. Jason’s goal is to assassinate the counsellors before the clock runs out.

friday the 13th 2016 game

Inside Friday The 13th 2016 Game

In the game, there are five maps to choose from. These maps were found in the first five films, and each set corresponds to the period of the film. This game was re-enacted at Camp Crystal Lake.

Characters of Friday The 13th 2016 Game

Jason Voorhees is the game’s main character, as well as the game’s principal killer. Based on each film, there are nine various variations of the main character. There are also fourteen counsellors to choose from.

Server Down of Friday The 13th 2016 Game

friday the 13th 2016 game

The game opted to shut down its server due to major licencing concerns with Victor Miller, its co-creator. In November 2020, the gaming server will be shut down. However, the game can still be played over the internet. The game’s creators have opted to keep the servers running until further notice.

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