We have written a post about Joymitty Scam . We tested the legitimacy and usability of the website on various parameters.

Do you wish to buy clothes? Joymitty – What is it? Joymitty claims to be an ecommerce website that will deliver clothes at a reduced price to all of the United Kingdom .

Joymitty is a fraud? In this article titled Joymitty Fraud, we’ll cover these topics. You can read this post to learn everything about the controversial ecommerce platform.

Is Joymitty legit?

Joymitty, an online platform that allows you to ship products all over the world, is called Joymitty. When a few of their customers claimed they were a scam, Joymitty was put on notice. Numerous people have reported the scam via this website. They claim that they offer discounts, and many other benefits. Joymitty’s legitimacy can be checked by us.

This website has been reviewed on several parameters. These include the registration date and registrar. You can read the Joymitty Reviews here.

  • Website registration:20/12/2019 is the registration deadline for Joymitty. It is a website with a two-year life expectancy .
  • Registrar An e-commerce site can be registered through eNom, LLC .
  • Trust score The website has a 26% low trust score, which makes it less trustworthy .
  • Customer reviews When we tried to find customer reviews about the website across multiple platforms, we discovered that many customers were unhappy with the service and are calling it a Joymitty Scam.
  • Social media We have found social media accounts across almost all platforms. Unfortunately, there are no customer complaints in the comments section.
  • Customer Policies: The website now has a section dedicated to customer policies. This makes it easier for normal consumers to understand.
  • Lost information – The website contained all information, from their contact details to their email address, but the owner wasn’t found.
  • Data security – This shop is equipped with HTTPS, which means that data can be transferred easily from the website.

Short description of Joymitty

Even though it is claimed to be a Joymitty Scam, the website still offers great deals. Their customers get many amazing offers. This website is difficult to trust due to its 90% discount on some products. Joymitty offers the following products:

  • Fancy tops
  • Trending dresses
  • Floral dresses
  • Shoes
  • Man wears

You can also find a lot of other products on this site.

Joymitty Feature:

  • Purchase all the trending clothes from the https://www.joymitty.com/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 127 1157
  • This website has many negative reviews that label it a Joymitty Scam. Everybody has labelled this website a scam, from customer reviews to web reviews.
  • Return Policy Customers can return their products within 14 days of placing an order .
  • Shipping policy: Product will be delivered within 10-13 days. All orders above PS79 qualify for free shipping
  • Payment options:Payment through Paypal, bank transfer, or credit cards is accepted on this website.

Positive highlights:

  • Shipping is free for orders over PS79
  • Presence of contact details
  • HTTPS allows for secure data transfer

Negative Highlights

  • Customer reviews that are negative
  • It takes 10-13 days for your order to ship.
  • Fake address

Joymitty Reviews

It has all information regarding the contact details, such as email address, contact number, and office address. There is no information about who the owner is. This website is not well rated by the online review sites. Customer complaints are abundant in the review section. The website is accessible on all social media platforms.

This website was rated extremely poorly on Alexa Rank. We do not recommend this site. To guard themselves against credit card frauds, the users are asked to go to Credit Card Scams.

Conclusion –

Joymitty Scam : This post summarizes the Joymitty Scam . The website’s expected life expectancy is just two years. Also, the trust index of this e-commerce platform was very low. It is difficult for buyers trust this website.


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