Ukraine has released another rush of mental fighting by sending off a site to assist Russian families with finding troopers killed or caught during Moscow’s attack.

‘’ contains photographs and recordings, some of them realistic, about troopers who Ukraine claims are Russian officers caught by its powers. The site in the Russian language has posted pictures of blindfolded and harmed fighters giving articulations on camera.

“This site was made by agents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. On it, you will track down data about caught and killed Russian fighters in Ukraine since the start of the occupation. Here we will immediately post photographs and recordings that we get from the war zone. Assuming that your family members or companions are in Ukraine and partake in the conflict against our kin – here you can get data about their destiny. Tragically, it is challenging to recognize a great deal of those killed. We intentionally post these photographs and recordings, you might remember somebody by aberrant signs,” read the English interpretation of the portrayal on the site.

Viktor Andrusiv, a counsel to the Interior Minister, likewise posted his video on the site. “I realize that numerous Russians are stressed over how and where their youngsters, children, spouses are and what is befalling them – so we chose to put this online so every one of you could look for your adored one who Putin shipped off battle in Ukraine,” he said.

The name of the site references the notable term Gruz-200 (Cargo-200) that was utilized by the Soviet military for cadavers being flown back from the conflict in Afghanistan during the 1980s.

Russia’s guard service has up until this point given no subtleties of any tactical misfortunes in Ukraine since sending off a multi-pronged assault Putin called a “exceptional activity” to safeguard two rebel districts.

The top of the North Caucasus locale of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, on Saturday turned into the main authority to report the passing of a Russian fighter in Ukraine.

He posted a recognition on his authority Instagram page, honoring an official he said had been killed during the “exceptional activity to shield Donbas.”

The Kremlin has sent off a significant promulgation mission to control inclusion of the conflict in Ukraine and has requested media to utilize just Russia’s true forms of occasions.

Moscow has for some time been blamed for concealing misfortunes endured by its powers as they moved supportive of Russian separatists in Ukraine and battled in Syria.

Lev Shlosberg, an unmistakable liberal government official, has proposed Russia’s military was utilizing versatile crematoriums to annihilate proof of those killed in Ukraine.

“There is no conflict. No dead. No burial chambers. Individuals will simply be no more. Perpetually,” he composed on his blog.


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