Age Of Empires 2 Cheat Codes Everything You Need to Know

Age of Empires 2 cheats is one of the most popular legacy Age of Empires RTS games. Like all the Age of Empire games, Age of Empires 2, Definitive edition is coming with a new advanced AI. According to Microsoft it does not need to cheat to compete with humans.

How you can use cheat codes in age of empires 2.

Cheat codes in age of empires is always of the sort of a child’s play. First hit the Enter key. Click the Chat icon on the top right. This brings up a box. Then you have to type in one of the cheat codes and hit Enter. The cheat codes are not case sensitive, so what you have to do is to spell them right.Age Of Empires 2 Cheat Codes Everything You Need to Know

Age of  Empires 2 Cheat Codes .

Cheat Units

  • Alpaca simulator: Alfred the Alpaca is summoned.
  • catzor:  Sharkatzor is summoned.
  • furious the monkey boy: It creates the furious the monkey boy.
  • How do you turn this on It creates a Shelbey Cobra which fires bullets.
  • i don’t exist A Penguin is summoned.
  • i love the monkey head A VMDL cheat unit is created.
  • to smithereens A Saboteur is created.


The resource cheats include

  • cheese steak jimmy’s: gives 10,000 food.
  • lumberjack : gives 10,000 wood.
  • robinhood: gives 10,000 gold.
  • rock on: gives 10, 000 stone
  • ninjaconnor

Map and Miscalleneous Cheats.

  • Marco:  Marco reveals the entire map, it always works as a switch. It works as an on or off.
  • Polo: Polo removes the fog of the war. This also works a switch. Entering it again will restore the fog of the war.
  • Aegis : instant building, researching and resource gathering.
  • i r winner : It wins the game instantly.
  • resign It loses the game instantly.
  • black death : All the players, including the allies die.
  • noui It diisables the user interface.
  • wimpywimpywimpy: player can be defeated immediately.
  • torpedo :It instantly defeats the selected opponents, can use only 1 to 8.
  • woof woof –  Birds are turned into stormy dogs.

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