The Forest Cheat Codes Everything You Need To Know

The survival horror video game ‘The Forest‘ was developed as well as published by Endnight Games which initially go released in 2014. This multiplayer video game comes about on a hinterland, heavily wooded cape, the place where player character Eric Leblanc along with his son Timmy are two survivors of a plane crash. However, in this horrifying and adventurous survival here are some console commands and codes that will change things on PS4 or PC in your favor. As with these codes you will be playing this game on your terms.

List of all The Forest Cheat Codes

The Forest Cheat Codes Everything You Need To Know

  • Code: ironforest, Effect: This code will make your building indestructible which means that you won’t have to worry about anyone destroying your buildings. In order to disable this effect retype this code.
  • Code: meatmode, Effect: This code will disable all the cheat codes that you might have activated in the past.
  • Code: rawmeatmode, Effect: This code will activate the permadeath mode, which deletes all the save when you die. Also, you can switch it off by entering the code for a different mode.
  • Code: regrowmode, Effect: This code will regrow 10 percent of the trees that you have cut down overnight. Whereas in a multiplayer the effect is only in place if enabled by the host. Also, stumps will turn back into trees as part of the effect, in order to prevent that from happening eliminate stumps in locations where you don’t want the trees to return.
  • Code: veganmode, Effect: This code will help you in playing this game without any fear of attacks from cannibals. In case you are playing again without activating the mode you’ll hold on to any items along with your construction remaining in place.
  • Code: vegetarianmode, Effect: This code will result in enemies appearing only at night.
  • Code: woodpaste, Effect: While starting this game you can use this code to reset the floor and roof holes in a saved game.

How to use these codes on PC or PS4?

In order to activate these codes on PC you just have to type in the command on the main menu and that’s it. Further you don’t need to click on any option and same goes with the PS4 if you plug in a USB keyboard. Also, when you enter these codes you won’t receive any notification or confirmation message, in fact they will just get activated and start working.

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