How long does an edible stay on a drug test? What you need to know

Edibles refers to products containing THC (short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component found in marijuana). Edibles produced both commercially by factories as well as home producers can take many different forms, from drinks and alcoholic beverages through baked goods and candy. There have even been popular cooking shows based on users creating delicacies around using marijuana and marijuana-based edible products.  

In case you were wondering how long does an edible stay in drug test, the answer varies based on several components. For a closer look at this subject and what to expect in the case of drug testing, keep reading below for more information. 

Variable Factors

Multiple factors play a part in identifying THC, an anabolic fat-binding chemical. If your body fat levels increase, THC could remain present longer and be detected. Another key element for detection is how long and much cannabis the user consumes during this period.

If you are a chronic user of THC, you will test positive for a longer period than someone who just used it at a party one time. Along with usage, the type of test administered will also factor into how long does an edible stay in drug test. For some general guidelines on detection, check out the basic testing methods listed below.  

Urine Test

The basic pee test is what most people think about when they hear drug screening or drug tests. You will be handed a specimen cup and asked to give a urine sample. A urine test is likely to detect THC for up to a month. 

Saliva Test

Saliva, or mouth tests, are becoming more common today as cheap, effective, and rapidly responsive testing for THC. You will ordinarily test positive for TCH for only one to two days. Still, there is mounting evidence that people who consume edibles can show positive for almost double that time. 

Blood Test

A blood test for THC is a solid way of testing when current use is suspected. When submitting to a blood test for THC, most often, it will only be detected for anywhere from one to four days. 

Hair Test

Of all of the methods for determining cannabis use, the hair test will ferret out THC in the human body the longest. No amount of washing, bleaching, or dyeing your hair will disrupt the detection of THC in drug testing of your hair. Between 100-120 hairs will be clipped very close to the scalp for testing and will detect drug usage for up to 90 days. 

The Short Version 

When considering how long does an edible stay in drug test, THC will likely be detected for up to a month in your urine. The active chemicals stay in the urine for a longer time than saliva and blood at only a few days but are eliminated much quicker than in hair at up to 90 days. Knowing the timeline for drug testing will help you estimate the results of THC detection.  

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