Adam Dirks is a 42 year old Christian who has serves as a youth minister and is now a full time teacher and mentor. He was married to Bethany Hamilton on August 18,2013 at a Kauai’s north shore estate. The couple are blessed with three sons of ages 5years, 3 years and two and a half months named Tobias, Wesley and Micah. the couple also appeared in the show ‘The Amazing Race‘ in 2014.

Personal Life of Adam Dirks

Adam Dirks is a devout Christian and guides people through the part of Christianity whenever they question themselves or the beliefs of Christianity. He enjoys surfing, hiking and spearfishing. He is a loving husband who has no problem not being in the main stream role.

“Changing my life from a full time youth minister to a substitute teacher has been an amazing experience. I adore my wife and love being her support and strength.”     – Adam Dirks

Adam Dirks Wedding

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is an American Professional surfer who besides losing her hand to a shark attack has emerged as one of the best surfers. She is a recipient of many awards like ESPY Award, Teen choice Award and has also appeared as a guest in many television shows. She is a author too of many books like Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board, Devotions for the Soul Surfer, Be Unstoppable: The Art of Never Giving Up and many more.

She was married to Adam Dirks, the couple met through a common friend and got married in 2013. She now works as a motivational speaker and is has been a part of numerous charitable events, including her own foundation Friends of Bethany that encourages the youth to overcome difficulties by offering prayers to Jesus Christ.

Adam Dirks Wedding

Adam Dirks Wedding Marriage Ceremony

The couple got engaged in 2013 and after a few months got married with 300 guests in Kauai on 18,2013. After 3 years, the couple got blessed with 3 sons. All the guests and bride groom were barefoot during the whole wedding. The bride and groom exchanged their vows. The ring was a two carat diamond with white gold. After the ceremony, the couple did their first dance on the song “The Three of Us“.

The couple has been really supportive towards each other and stood as a pillar or strength. Despite of Bethany’s injury they have always been motivating and loving towards each other. The couple is a great inspiration for each other and the whole word.

“I am looking forward to enjoy my journey with Adam.”       -Bethany Hamilton


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