If you’re looking for a job as a German voice over artist, look no further than GoPhrazy.  To succeed at this job, you need to be versatile and articulate. You must be comfortable recording pick-up lines and master tracks before delivery to clients. In addition, you should have a degree in audio engineering, so you can produce high-quality final products.

GoPhrazy is a prominent voice over agency

If you’re looking for an excellent German voice over for your project, GoPhrazy is the agency to work with. They specialize in hiring German voice over talent that can work across a variety of projects. They want to make sure that their talents have a high level of professionalism, are versatile, and have experience with audio production.

The agency carefully screens incoming voice over artists and recruits their top picks based on their talent and experience. Today, GoPhrazy works with clients worldwide. Their clients range from small businesses to large corporations.

GoPhrazy has a large pool of talent

If you’re looking for a job as a German voice over artist, GoPhrazy is a great place to start. The media localization agency helps its clients connect with voice over talents for the various projects they have. The company is looking for a variety of talent with various skills and abilities, such as a native German accent, prior experience, and professional experience. Talents must also have an outstanding communication skills and show their ability to collaborate with other members of a team. Additionally, they must be available to work weekends and holidays.

GoPhrazy has a diverse pool of talent, from beginners to experienced artists, so it’s not difficult to find a job for your voice. This industry is thriving and requires a certain level of talent to be successful. German voice artists need to have a strong command of English, a clear, distinct accent, and extensive experience.

GoPhrazy works with clients worldwide

GoPhrazy is a media localization service provider that connects voice over artists from around the world with projects. GoPhrazy helps clients find voice talents who can deliver excellent performances. Besides helping clients select the best artists, some companies also helps artists create scripts for their projects. The entire process is 100% free.

Most freelance platforms determine the cost of a project either manually or through an automated system. Few platforms provide direct communication between contractors and clients to discuss payment matters. Moreover, most platforms are subscription-based and do not provide payment escrow services.

GoPhrazy has a variety of dialects

If you are interested in working with GoPhrazy, there are a number of options available. The company has an average rating of 4.8 stars from hundreds of customer reviews. 

There is also a variety of projects available, and you can apply to work with several different people at once. The company’s support is responsive, and the website is super helpful to clients and talents.


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