Today, everyone knows that design trends do not disappear anywhere, but on the contrary, they are actively developing. An UX / UI designer can be safely called a “graphic specialist” who can create a bright, colorful, creative, unique and absolutely any picture that matches the project being developed. In addition, it is this specialist who designs and creates user interfaces – mobile web applications and online resources (websites, online stores, web portals, etc.). To hire Fireart UX developers, you should contact a professional company that can complete the project on an individual basis, taking into account the terms of reference and the individual wishes of the client.

What trends are worthy of attention today?

Every specialist knows for sure that when developing a web project, one should take care to study global trends and do the job in the best possible way. In order for any business project to be at its best and among the leaders, you should pay attention to the following modern trends:

  1. Perfect icons. We are talking about those icons that people see when they go to a site or application. When creating them, absolutely every little thing is important – the same parameters, the same line thickness, integrity, accuracy. Today, there are entire libraries with icons, though it should be understood that ready-made samples need to be supplemented and upgraded for each individual project on an individual basis. Therefore, the design must draw them either with their own hands, or draw them from ready-made prototypes, but at the same time make them unique. Uniqueness is welcome in web development. This will definitely be an advantage.
  2. Minimalism. For a long time, the trend of simplicity has not gone out of fashion. Do not overload the picture with unnecessary symbols and information. This also applies to design solutions that are used to optimally optimize even the most complex processes. The design of the picture should attract attention, but at the same time not be too intrusive. The design solution can always be focused on specific details. We are talking about the interface grid, the competent selection of fonts, icons, colors, UX and, of course, animation. Having made the interface airy, with high-quality layout and cool fonts, the web product will definitely attract attention and become popular.
  3. Shadows with gradients. As for the trend with shadows and gradients, it has been popular for a long time. The bottom line is that it adds “airiness”, simplicity and at the same time volumes to any image. Having created such a mix, you can complement the gradients with a pastel tone or innovative 3D icons and other 3D architectural graphics. True, experts advise using more muted colors in order to give the interface volume and depth (something like “colored spots”).
  4. 2D illustrations. These pictures are always in fashion. The bottom line is that some of them are boring, while others, on the contrary, developers create their own types of images using different elements and styles. Although a plurality of the same type of pictures can still be found on the World Wide Web, after all, if you refine them visually, you can get a good product at the output, but you have to try hard.
  5. SVG and JSON animation. Fashion for such elements has just begun to emerge. Such animation is created by writing code. Naturally, animation has advantages – the ability to create minimal file sizes, you can create reaction animation or some kind of interaction using smart settings and integrate such images with absolutely all browsers and mobile programs.
  6. Pastel colors. UI design starts with pastel shades. For example, many people create neutral backgrounds on websites or in mobile applications that are not very eye-catching and do not “cut” the eye, but at the same time complement the program. It seems that when creating the designer really wanted to attract attention, so he tried hard.
  7. Fonts. Another move in design is the development of creative fonts. The trend for fonts has existed and will continue to develop. The bottom line is that people like to use creative Cyrillic different fonts that complement the overall picture in a very interesting way.



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