The Texas state trooper was shot just outside Mexia in Limestone County on Friday evening. He is in a critical condition and  no information about the suspect was available at the time, according to DPS Sergeant Ryan Howard. The reason for the attempt is unknown.

Why State Trooper Was Shot?

A trooper from the Texas Department of Public Safety, was shot outside of Mexia. The incident happened on Highway 84 around 8 pm.  The state trooper was not identified. Howard could not identify the person .

Sgt. Ryan Howard said that the trooper was admitted in the emergency room at Baylor Scott and White in a serious condition.   He declined to clarify, whether he is in the hospital in Waco or Temple.

Why was Texas state trooper shot: Current situation and suspect

Many law enforcement vehicles were seen in the area where the gunshot happened . This news was posted on Twitter by a reporter from KBTX-TV of Bryan. Two  law enforcement helicopters were seen flying near the area of Hwy 84 and Hwy 2705 . According to other media reports, a pick up van was also seen in this area.

Mexia, where the gunshot happened is around 85.5 miles south of Downtown Dallas and is also 42 miles east of Waco. According to Groesbeck Journal, the trooper was  rushed to the hospital in Waco. The Journal also reports that, the suspect was a male wearing full black dress.

Suspect Identified

The suspect was identified by DPS as De Arthur Pinson Jr later. He is thirty six years old.

A Blue Alert has been issued for Pinson. The  suspect was seen in the area of Highway 84 and FM 480 in Coolidge, Texas around 5.50 pm on Friday, March 26.

The suspect was wearing a black hoodie, and shorts with stripes down the side when he was last seen. He was also wearing  glasses. The suspect is also considered dangerous and armed. According to the court records, Pinson was in the custody of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice before.

The  Department of Police, Belton offered prayers to the trooper and Texas DPS in a tweet posted by them on early Saturday morning. If anybody gets any information regarding the suspect, they are requested to call 911.

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