Mermaids were categorised as positive pretty protagonists from fairy tales, until Siren series came out and took this popular belief by storm. Sirens, according to the Greek mythology, are half human-half aquatic female creatures- similar to mermaids- who are believed to be cursed to sing and lure mariners into their untimely watery demise- unlike mermaids. They are said to be very dangerous predators luring men by their hypnotic singing. Freeform’s show Siren on the same creatures took audience by surprise and attracted them to watch how the story unravels.

Will Siren Season 4 be returning?

The fate of the fourth season

Freeform’s Siren first came out in 2018. The fresh and gripping story line managed to gain large number of audience. The show was highly acclaimed. Next came the second season which was a hit as well. The third season, however, it seems, failed to stand to audience’s expectation. This resulted in the sharp decline of ratings and hence the next, i.e. the fourth season was temporarily canceled, leaving the show on a cliffhanger.

Despite the drop of the ratings, the fans’ love for the show has not faded, a little disheartened by the third season, they still want to know the story ahead and see how things end. To end the wait, we bring to you some recent buzz, that hints at some good news about the fourth season.

Will Siren Season 4 be returning?

Releasing Date

The cliffhanger of the last episode of the third season may get an explanation soon. The network has not made any official announcement yet, but it is being speculated that the fourth season might come out on September 22, 2022. This news has stirred the excitement among the fans once again, after the continuous pleading for the fourth season, it seems the fans have finally been heard.

The fourth season is being predicted to go on air on the fourth Thursday of September next year till November 17, 2022. The fans are praying for this prediction to be true as they are desperate to know the story ahead. “There better be a season 4 y’all got some explaining to do” wrote one user online.

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