Dewbauchee Vagner GTA V: Everything You Want to Know

GTA V provides the players with a profusion of motorsports from supercars to classic sports cars. GTA introduced Dewbauchee Vagner magnificent supercar to the DCL as part of the Gunrunning update of 2017. The car is mainly based on Aston Martin Valkyrie and some parts on Jaguar C-X75, Bugatti Chiron.

dewbauchee vaggner gta v

The base price for this super car is $1,535,000 which is a good deal for a supercar, it also resembles to X80 proto racecar and it can be brought in Legendary motors. The car can be customized in Los Santos Customs but the options for customisation is pretty less it is Performance upgrades mainly, the design/visual upgrade is not much.  Overall the car’s features are like pretty much any supercar, it is great for races, it has recorded as the 2nd best lap time in the game, it is a head-to-head competition to Pfister 811 except the acceleration of 811 is better.

dewbauchee vaggner gta v

Furthermore, the Vagner can take fast corners at high speed unlike any other supercar. The car has pretty good handling once you get used to it ,the traction of the Vagner is also amazing, although doesn’t have a great acceleartion as mentioned. It can be stored in your garage as a personal vehicle.

It’s top speed falls 6th out of all supercars available in the game, so which the affordability features like these are a great buy.

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