The deadly Covid-19 virus has put the whole world on hold for more than a year now. The Chinese virus claimed the lives of over 41 lakh people worldwide in just 19 months. However, this technologically driven world managed to get into the bottom of the disease and build up antibodies from it. Hence the vaccines were produced.

Over the time various variants of the virus have emerged and so has the vaccines. The new strains keep waving up due to the change in virus. Researches are always working on the new variants to check whether a certain variant is too harmful, or to check how fast does it spread. Any foreign feature found is immediately brought into light and antidotes are worked upon to minimize its impact.

Which Is the Most Effective Vaccines against Delta variant and Its Efficiency .?

Delta Variant

A new variant named delta variant was initially found in India, however its dominant impact is being witnessed in United kingdom and United states. The Delta variant contributes to over 10% new found cases in United States. The variant, scientifically named B.1.617.2. variant, is much more dangerous than its predecessors. It is far more transmissible and does not differentiate between any age group.

Which Is the Most Effective Vaccines against Delta variant and Its Efficiency .?

Sputnik V is a Russian vaccine which is claimed by the country to be affective against the new Delta variant as well. A Scientists’ study reports that apart from novel coronavirus, the vaccine is 90% effective against the new delta strain. Reportedly the highly contagious delta variant which carries the potential to hospitalize the person in contact for treatment, can be neutralized by Sputnik V.

Most Effective Vaccines against Delta variant

There are number of other vaccines produced by different countries in the world, lets see how effective they are against the virus:Which Is the Most Effective Vaccines against Delta variant and Its Efficiency .?

  1. Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine (aka Covisheild in India): This vaccine is reportedly 71% effective post first dose and about 92% effective post the second dose on the new variant.
  2. Pfizer Vaccine: Pfizer has been tested to be 94% effective to fight the delta strain in first dose and the power increases to 96% post second dose.
  3. Moderna Vaccine: Though no percentage has been claimed, this vaccine is also effective in neutralising the attacks of Delta strain.
  4. Covaxin: No researched data has been released by the medical team on the efficiency of the vaccine against this particular strain
  5. CoronaVac: The fact that over 350 medical staff members tested positive for Covid-19 despite being vaccinated with CoronaVac makes it quite unreliable.

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