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Robin Ophilia Quivers was born on 8 August 1952. She is an author, actress and also worked for American radio. She was also the co host of The Howard Stern Show.

Early Life

She was born in 1952 in Maryland. She wrote a biography and mentioned about the past experiences of her life. She mentioned that she was molested by her father when she was young. In 1970, she enrolled herself in University of Maryland.

Personal Life

She had a boyfriend, named Tony, who was became mysterious at that time. In 2007, she announced her separation with him on a show. She has many hobbies like painting, car racing etc. She said she was supposed to be a good car racer. She worked with a foundation of UN, The Girl Fund, that advocates the education of girl in different areas.


In 2012, Quivers said that she needed a surgery to remove the tumor from her bladder. On 9th September 2013, she announced that she was cancer free now after her successful surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. After almost a year and half until the day her cancer was detected, she returned to the studio. She started working again in October 2013.


Quivers worked in various fields. In 1974, she graduated from the school of nursing. She joined US airforce in 1975, where she was commissioned as second lieutenant. After six months she was promoted as first lieutenant and later in 1978, she acquired the position of captain. She also worked in a radio station in 1979.


She wrote a book about her own life and got awards for the same. She received an award for outstanding literary work-instructional for her book, The Vegucation Of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life in February 2004.

Pictures of Robin Quivers

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