Knights and Magic is a relatively new anime that has quickly grown in popularity. This shows that anime is still alive and strong, and studios aren’t running out of exciting concepts or mangas to adopt just yet. However, it’s been three years since the previous season, which ended in September 2017. So, will there be a Knights and Magic season 2? Let’s have a look. #knightsandmagic.

When Is Knights and Magic Season 2 Releasing ?

Eight Bit (8Bit) studio converted the Japanese light novel series authored into an anime and did a decent job of it; however, no second season has been announced yet. However, the prospects of renewal are excellent. To begin with, the first season received an excellent 7.11 out of 96,972 votes on MyAnimeList. This should be enough to convince the studio to renew the season. Consider that the show’s DVD sales have been strong, with around 3000 copies sold per week in December 2017.

knights and magic season 2

The main difficulty that may prevent 8Bit from launching a new season is a lack of source material. To adopt a new season, the studio will either have to write the tale itself or wait for additional source material. I believe they will wait for more source material, and we may have to wait for new stuff for a few more years.

Knights and Magic Season 2 : Release Date

We cannot confirm a release date because we have yet to receive a renewal. As we wait for additional source material, our best estimation, for now, is 2022.

Knights and Magic Season 2 : Plot

Tsubasa Kurata, who died in a vehicle accident and was transported to a fantasy world, is the protagonist of Knight’s and Magic. The Fremmevilla Kingdom is the name of the fictional world where robots known as Silhouette Knights fight demons. Ernesti Echevarria is Tsubasa’s new name, and he is born into a noble family with magical abilities.

knights and magic season 2

He enlists the aid of twins Adeltrud and Archid Olter in the novel, who assist him in realising his ambition of building his Silhouette Knight to guard the realm.

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