Yankovic talks to Weird Al Madonna about the trailer for the biopic, as well as when and where it is releasing.

Did you see the trailer of Weird, The AI Yankovic Story Are you curious to learn more about Weird AI Yankovic The trailer for his factual biography was released yesterday and Worldwide appreciated it.

You can find all the details in Weird Al Madonna’s trailer here.

What are the contents of a trailer?

The film trailer, Weird – The AI Yankovic Story, was released on 29 August and highlights the true musical story of Alfred Yankovic. We see Yankovic giving his cassette to be put in the tape at the beginning of the trailer. In the next scene, we see little Yankovic and his parent telling him not to do what he likes.

It shows Yankovic’s ability to make humorous songs out both of his original songs and polka-medleys. You can also see the trailer for Yankovic love story and Weird Al Madonna.

When does the film release?

Weird! The AI Yankovic Stories is directed by Eric Appel. Yankovic wrote it. Five-time Grammy Award winner Alfred Yankovic was played in the film by Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. Eva Rachel Wood plays the role of Queen of Pop Madonna. Quinta Brunson and Toby Huss are also in the forthcoming satirical biopic.

The film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, 8 September 2022. The film will release on The Roku Channel in November.

What’s in the Weird Al Madonna/Yankovic Story?

One scene in the trailer shows Madonna and Yankovic’s love story. Radcliffe is seen gazing at Yankovic while holding a cigarette. Also, we can see Michel Jackson’s “Beat It”, as well as “Eat it,” as an early Yankovic hit.

You can see the entire trailer to get an idea of what the movie will look like.

Who Is Weird AI Yankovic?”

Alfred Matthew was born 23 October 1959. He is best known for creating humorous songs that are style pastiches. Weird Al Madonna & YankovicThe conversion of “Like a Virgin” into “Like a surgeon”, is one example. We have many from his bizarre collection. His parent later admitted that he is truly a strange one.

Apart from singles, he also wrote and acted for several television series and films. He also served as a voice artist on video web content.


The full trailer for “Weird, The AI Yankovic Story” has been released and is the topic of conversation among his followers.


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