Edens Zero Chapter 163: Release Date and Read Manga Online

The release date for Edens Zero Chapter 163 is set for October 13, 2021. The latest chapters of the manga have piqued the interest of fans.

Hiro Mashima’s Edens Zero is a Japanese space adventure manga series written and drawn by him. The series is published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. On Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll, Kodansha USA offers the official English version of the series. Kodansha has compiled the various chapters of the manga into 17 volumes as of September 2021. #edenszero

About Edens Zero

Shiki Granbell, a little child from the planet Granbell, is the protagonist of the narrative. On that world, he is the sole person. His parents had given up on him. He was adopted as a grandchild by the mechanical Demon King Ziggy. Shiki’s adoptive grandpa leaves him the famous Edens Zero space battleship. He lives among robots until he meets Rebecca, a content creator for B-Cube (a video-sharing platform modelled on YouTube).

edens zero chapter 163

Rebecca hails from the Blue Garden planet. Her family had abandoned her. Happy, her blue kitty, had a similar background of being abandoned. The only way to save Happy after he was hit by a vehicle was to transform him into a robot. Rebecca and Happy fly to the planet Gtanbell in order to film video for her B-Cube channel. Shiki becomes a friend of hers. They team together to flee planet Granbell. Later, they would embark on a cosmic journey in search of Mother, the Universe’s creator.

Shiki used to gaze up at the sky with awe and wonder in his eyes when he was a child. When he observed a shooting star one day, his robot companion mockingly said, “That’s a dragon.” His expression was more significant than the humour. Humans that live in confinement have a strong urge to explore the unknown, and Edens Zero is based on that yearning.

Edens Zero Chapter 163 Release Date

edens zero chapter 163

On October 13, 2021, it is expected to be released. Soon after the Japanese publication, an official English translation will be available.

Where to Read Online

It’s available for download through ComiXology, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Kindle.

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