Unique Hairstyle Of Phil Spector Hair In Imprisonment

Harvey Philip Spector, also known as Phil Spector, was an American producer, musician and songwriter. He was famous for his recording practices and entrepreneurship in the time of 1960s. He also formed a pop trio, named Spector Three.

Personal Life

Phil married to Annette Merar in 1963. Phil had an extra marital affair with Veronica Bennet, with whom he married later. Veronica and Phil adopted a son and named him as Donté Phillip Spector. Phil was accused to torture and molest his wife and sons. He was imprisoned for years because of a murder case.


After the death of his father and his family moved to Angeles, he learner to play guitar and performs in a talent show in his school. He joined a community which aspired the young musicians. He even got the chance to record for the Teddy Bears. His first true recording as a producer was with Ronnie Crawford. In 1961, he formed his own recording company with Sill, a former promotion man. From there, he started his professional career.

Phil Spector Hair


Phil Spector was accused to kill an American actress, Lana Clarkson. She was found dead in Pyrenees castle in California. Spector and Lana, both went to Spector’s mansion. The driver waited outside the mansion for both of them. He heard a gunshot and saw Spector exited from the back gate. Spector was arrested for this and was imprisoned.

Phil Spector Hair

Phil Spector was known for his unique hairstyle in 80s and 90s. But what turned the attention of viewers towards him is his mugshot photo of 2009. It showed a baked pale man with stringy hair. In 2013, he had stringy long hair framed on his pale baled skull. In 2014 mugshot, he had very little hair on his head while supported long gray goatee.

Phil Spector Hair


Phil Spector died in his imprisonment period of 19 years. It was confirmed by his family members that he was died due to COVID-19 complications.

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