Lost Ark: Ten Continent Main Story Quests Worth Your Attention

For players who love ARPG, Lost Ark is always full of infinite fun. If you want to have a very smooth experience in Lost Ark, then I suggest that you all really should pay more attention to the continent main story quests.

However, it’s common now that most Lost Ark players ignore all dialogue and quest popups until our ‘G’ key is worn to a nub. To be fair, there’s still a lot of story to finish before you can get access to all the multiplayer-focused endgame content like Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids.

But if you’re on a quick sprint the first time you clear each continent’s main story questlines, these ten continent main story quests below are well worth revisiting. If you are willing to try to complete these tasks, you will find that Lost Ark also does a great job in the story, and you can also harvest many scarce resources or currencies such as Lost Ark Gold, Silver or others along the journey.

North Vern – To Ancient Elveria

North Vern has gotten a lot of hype as the start of what we know as Lost Ark’s endgame. However, North Vern isn’t all that playable in terms of the main story missions. The overall plot of the resurrected knights and demons invading the once peaceful lands of the past is interesting, but the most exciting part of the entire questline is the final defeat against Sigmund and all his cronies in Ancient Elveria. Plus, we would meet a dragon at the end of the day.

Rethramis – Demons In Prideholme

When you first started playing Lost Ark, you may not have noticed that there are many interesting main quests that are worth playing. Of course, so that we can start enjoying Lost Ark with a bang, we’ll start getting to know the people of Armen and Prideholme, but end up being thrown into the Demons In Prideholme quest. With cities on fire and demons attacking civilians, it is our duty to save the day from the demon Kharmine. Who doesn’t love playing a hero? At least I would love to!

Anikka – The First Match

The entire “tournament” main story questline in Anikka is quirky, fun, and unforgettable. Of course, the cycle of fighting opponents and collecting clues can get a little boring after a while. However, the combination of Street Fighter-style cutscenes and behind-the-scenes detective shenanigans sets Lost Ark apart from the crowd of MMORPGs.

Yorn – The Beginning

If you like doing detective work with Anikka, then I guess you’ll like Yorn’s storyline more or less. From the start, you’re pulled into the port’s murder investigation, taking you back in time to the last steps of the dead Umar. The entire mission makes you feel like a part of Doctor Who, unraveling a supernatural “timey-wimey” mystery. This is super cool!

Punika – Things To Do

After all the hardships you’ve gone through Feiton, Yorn, and Rohendel, I can say with certainty that you’ll have a very relaxing trip to Punika. A tropical paradise at risk, the continent is famous for the lovely Rapport NPCs that live here. Shana stole all our hearts in the cutscene of the To Do quest, in which you watch your character and Shana make a wish on a paper lantern and send it into the night sky.

Tortoyk – Keep Farm From Harm

If shrinking down to the size of a pea just to get into the Mokoko Village in Tortoyk wasn’t cute enough, you’ll get a rideable ladybug mount during the “Keep Farm From Harm” quest. The entire section of the Tortoyk Main Story questline feels like we ripped it straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie, and flying around the ladybug’s back is just the icing on the cake.

Rohendel – Elzowin’s Defender

We all love freedom! And this personality will be fully amplified in Lost Ark. At the start of the Rohendel Main Story quest, you may not be able to trust Aven as much as you can throw him. He is arrogant and willful, playing with the dark magic that also threatens the security of the mainland. However, during the Elzowin’s Defender mission, we get to see another face of Aven. Not only did his invention save civilians, but he put himself in danger in order to protect the tree of gods. It is indeed worthy of righteousness!

Arthetine – The Heart Of Sceptrum

The sudden shift from idyllic fantasy to steampunk sci-fi might confuse you a bit. Our purpose here is to get what Acetin has to offer. Between civilian uprisings, evil scientists, and the super-spy subplots that permeate this story, you couldn’t ask for more. Except for driving giant mechs, of course.

East Luterra – The Wind Stays While Dreams Fade

No matter how you feel about Armen, East Luterra’s ending is nothing short of tragic. While we’ve all seen Armen turn into the evil side, the massacre at Lostwind Cliff is a deeply saddening scene when we actually see him grappling with the reality of his Delain powers. We can only hope we might see Armen return in future Continental missions.

West Luterra – To The Glorious Wall

The fans of the Lord of the Rings rejoice in your heart the moment you see the rain pouring down on the battlements of the Glorious Wall and the siege towers approaching from afar. The battle itself vaguely echoes scenes from Helm’s Deep. Beyond that, the arc that brings Thirain back to the throne is deeply touching, easily making him one of the more relevant Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark.

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