Re-main is a fresh anime with the theme of sorts. This Water-Polo centric anime takes us along on the life ride of a Water-Polo start Minato Kiyomizu. Kiyomizu loses his memory when he meets an accident. Waking up from the accident, doctors realise that he has lost the memories of last three years, including the one about the sports. The fate once again gets him involved in the game however with no knowledge. This means he is no longer a star, he is starting as a beginner where he has to rebuild his skills.

Lets accompany Kiyomizu on his journey. In this article we will give you all the necessary information regarding the release date of the upcoming episode and where you can watch it.

Release Date of Re-main Episode 9

The series is a 12 episode series. Out of this the 8th Episode is yet to release and will be released on 5th September 2021. Where as the 9th Episode will be coming out on 12th of September 2021. The timings may differ according to the time zones world wide. However according to J.S.T, the release time is 1:30 am.

Watch Re-main Episode 9 here

The 12 episodes series is gaining new followers daily. There are many new viewers who are looking for a platform to watch the anime. As of 1st September, total 7 episodes have been released. The episodes of the manga are again available on a selected few platforms. Our readers can check the following site according to the availability in their region.

Where To Watch Re-Main Episode 9 Online Release Date, Plot and Everything you Need To Know

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