“Horimiya Manga” is a manga series that is based on a Japanese web manga series Hori- San to Miyamura-Kun. Horimiya’s latest chapter 122 will be soon released on 18th March 2021.

The “horimiya manga” series has 15 Volumes and it started running on 18th October 2011. It is written by Hero and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara. It is published by Square Enix in the monthly magazine Monthly G Fantasy.

 "Horimiya Manga" latest chapter will soon will release


Kyoko Hori: She is a young, talented, and popular high school student who has a totally different personality from school. She develops feelings for another student Izumi Miyamura. However, they become a couple after days of confession when Kyoko’s father asked her about Izumi whether she is dating him or not, Kyoko addresses Izumi as her boyfriend and then they become couples.

Izumi Miyamura: He is a high school student who appears gloomy and a nerd at school and looks very different outside the school. Izumi hides his nine-pierced ears with hood and tattooed hands wearing full-sleeved clothes. He falls for Kyoko on her natural self and later starts dating.

"Horimiya Manga" latest chapter will soon will release

Souta Hori: He is the young brother of Kyoko.

Toru Ishikawa: He likes Kyoko and confesses his feelings for her but gets rejected.

Yuki Yoshikawa: She is the best friend of Kyoko and has a crush on Izumi when she sees him without glasses and didn’t recognize her.


Kyoko Hori, the popular girl at highschool hides her secrets about being a completely different personality outside school. She takes care of his younger brother as her parents were always busy with their own work. She has no time for socialization.

The story is about the secret chapters of Kyoko and Izumi’s love life. The last chapter after 10 years will be finally releasing on 18th March 2021. Click below to watch the video:

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