Virmer has been supplying cleaning machines for over 15 years. Our experts can help you choose the suitable machine and selection, whether you are looking for a manually loaded or fully automated laser cleaning solution. Our equipment can clean metal surfaces of paint, rust, oxides and other impurities. By using laser texturing, they can also enhance surface adhesion.

If they have a high-quality laser source at their core, you can expect them to last for at least ten years with little maintenance. Our machines work with a high-power laser cleaning system with a maximum output of 500 watts so that meeting deadlines will be no problem.

How does a laser cleaning machine function?

Instead of chemical and mechanical scrubbing methods, laser vacuuming uses laser ablation or photo ablation, which is ecologically pleasant.

A laser cleaning machine is a laser ablation machine that heats surface material from an object and removes it with a CW (continuous wave) or pulsed laser beam, causing it to vaporize or sublime.

Other names of laser cleaning devices include laser cleaner, laser rust removal device, laser paint removal device, laser paint stripping device, laser coating removal device, laser rust removal device, laser oxide removal device, and laser oxide remover. The device included A dirt remover, a laser oil remover, and a laser descale.

There are two most popular laser cleaning devices: pulse laser cleaning and continuous wave fiber laser cleaning. The portable clean head of the CW fiber laser cleaning device is a continuous laser source.

The high-cost efficiency of the CW cleaning machine is an advantage. If you need to remove thin layers of paint or rust from stainless steel, mild steel and iron, an affordable CW laser cleaning machine can meet your needs.

1000W, 1500W, 2000W, and 3000W are maintained by CW laser scrubbing machine powers. Pulse Laser Source and Gallo Clean Head are the features of the Pulse Laser Cleaning Device. You should use a Plus Laser Cleaning System to protect your valuable things from damage. Laser degreasing, paint removal, zinc removal, laser film removal, and laser coating use laser cleaning. Laser cleaning equipment helps remove rust from metal surfaces.

There are four basic types of laser cleaning techniques:

1. Use direct radiation to disinfect the laser dry cleaning technique.

2. The laser + fluid film methodology contains placing a layer of fluid film on the surface of the substrate formerly laser light ablation.

3. The laser plus inert gas system includes blowing a passive gas over the surface of the substrate.

When dirt is removed, the glass blows off on the surface to prevent recontamination and oxidation.

4. Use a non-corrosive chemical cleaner after using the laser to remove dirt. The first three are the most commonly used techniques in laser cleaning solutions.

Features of portable fiber laser cleaning device:

1. The laser beam used for non-contact cleaning shall not damage the surface of substrates.

2. Selective cleaning that is precise to meet the exact location and size.

3. The cleaning method is safe and environmentally friendly as it does not use consumables or chemical cleaning agents.

4. to provide automatic cleaning, it can operate manually or in conjunction. Just turn it on.

5. To reduce labor costs and save time, cleaning efficiency is higher than standard cleaning equipment.

6. Portable laser cleaning equipment is reliable and requires no maintenance.

7. In modern manufacturing, it can be incorporated into the production process for surface treatment.

8. It has been more than ten years.

Advantages of portable, handheld fiber laser cleaners

Manual laser cleaners have clear advantages over traditional cleaning techniques such as mechanical friction, chemical corrosion, liquid-solid intense impact, and high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning.

It’s a “green” cleaning technique, to begin with. No chemical agents or cleaning solutions are required. The treated waste is mainly solid powder. This compact, convenient, reusable product remedies environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning.

2. Conventional cleaning methods, contact cleaning, destroy the surface of the object to be cleaned by mechanical force, or the cleaning medium sticks to the surface of the object and cannot be removed, causing secondary contamination, 

3. Prevention of friction.

4. Contamination and impurities can be safely removed from various materials using a portable fiber laser cleaner.

5. Portable fiber laser cleaner is time and energy-saving.

6. Although a laser cleaning system requires a high initial cost, it can be used for a very long time with meager operating costs. Due to its lack of abrasion, contact, and thermal effect, it can apply to various materials. Laser cleaning is considered the most reliable and efficient method. For the sake of environmental protection and public safety, laser cleaning will replace traditional chemical and mechanical cleaning techniques.


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