One of the most famous manga, “Kingdom” has reached a major turning point giving it’s readers a tremble with every coming chapter. Therefore in this manga guide, we will be discussing about it’s latest upcoming chapter which is ‘Kingdom Chapter 691’. So, keep on reading to know the release date and latest updates regarding the same.

Kingdom Chapter 691

 More About “Kingdom”

Written and illustrated by Yasuhisa hara, “Kingdom” is one of the biggest historical Japanese manga series in the manga industry. Since January 2006, this manga is being published in Weekly Young Jump magazine by Shueisha. Later on, it got an anime series adaptation by studio Pierrot that aired it’s season 1 in June 2012 and is still going strong with it’s season 3.

Kingdom Chapter 691

The story revolves around two young boys, Xin and Piao who are war orphans in ancient China. They both work as  servants in a poor village in the Kingdom of  Qin. However, regardless of their situations they dream of becoming the “Great Generals of the Heavens” for which they train daily by themselves.

When Is ‘Kingdom Chapter 691’ Getting Released?

Kingdom Chapter 691

After the release of previous chapter, the readers are very eager for it’s next release. So, the latest upcoming chapter  of the manga which is ‘Kingdom Chapter 691’ is scheduled to be released on August 28, 2021. As for now, no delay reports have been confirmed yet.

Where To Read ‘Kingdom Chapter 691’ Online?

Kingdom Chapter 691

Unfortunately, other than Weekly Young Jump magazine there is no other official way to pursue the manga series. However, you can still opt for fan-made translation websites to advance with the story.

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