After President Biden’s debt relief announcement, the Students Aid Website Down. The website is being visited largely by students.

How did the website go down? On Wednesday, President Biden announced that $20,000 was available for Pell Grants recipients and $10,000 for any other debtors. The website for federal student aid then crashed.

Many are happy that President Joe Biden decided to forgive thousands in student loans for the United States. Some users reported wait times exceedingly long to log into the website. The Student Assistance Website Down is a result of heavy online traffic and crowds reaching the website.

The Website Was Down after the Announcement.

The plan that was unveiled Wednesday is not universally forgiving loans. People who earn more than $125,000 annually will not be eligible. Pell Grant recipients will get more of their debt forgiven. People have been searching for ways to determine eligibility because of its complexity.

The government has not found the information suitable for its student loan websites. Not only did the government experience an increase in visitors, but also many people had trouble accessing loan provider websites after the news. Furthermore, many students are visiting the internet and asking tons questions after Student Assistance Website Down.

What exactly is the plan and how will it work?

This three-pronged approach aims to help working-class and middle-class federal student loan borrowers “transition back into normal payment” in case of an emergency. According to a US government website, this idea would allow debt forgiveness up to $20,000

The Biden administration would continue the moratorium on student loan installment payments through December 31, 2022. With payments beginning again in January 2023, Students are eager to find out more about this plan. Student aid website down.

Additional Information

Around noon on Wednesday, hundreds were sent to Down Detector. The service monitors outages. On Wednesday, a question from the website was sent to Department of Education. However, they did not immediately respond.

The amount of debt relief granted is dependent on the outstanding balance. A person who owes $15,000 but qualifies for $20,000 of loan forgiveness will only be eligible for $15,000 relief.

Biden announced the student debt proposal on Monday afternoon. Biden claimed that he was fulfilling an “promise” he made during the campaign. Just after this

Student Assistance Website Down- FAFSA Website Struggles

FAFSA provides financial assistance to over 12 million students, providing $150 billion in financial support. The high number of students applying for FSA student loan accounts caused delays and disruptions.

To access the homepage, users must go through the “waiting room”. Visitors had reported running into another waiting room when trying to log in. You can learn more about student credit relief by clicking here


Recent downtime caused the Student Aid website to go offline. This just shows how important the government’s services are to the public. Because of these reasons, the student aid website down has been created.

Given the number of people looking to use their services, such websites need to manage their traffic. What do YOU think about this plan. Leave your comments.


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