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Godzilla Easter Egg You Must Know About

Godzilla Easter Egg You Must Know About

Godzilla or Kaiju or Gojira is a giant creature that has been depicted in a series of franchise. The film consists of 36 films out of which 32 have been created by Toho and the rest have been created in the American Studios TriStar Pictures and Legendary Pictures. It is the longest running film franchise and due to its popularity it has been expanding continuously on television, movies and series.

The variety in films comes with the variety of characters, eggs and fights. But don’t worry we have got you all covered. Also Read.

Godzilla Movies, Theme and Myths

In the first movie Godzilla which was released in 1998, baby Godzillas where shown . The Godzilla released in 2014, directed by Jim Rygiel showed the MUTO that was a male and female Godzilla character.

Godzilla Easter Egg You Must Know About

After that in 2019 under the direction of Michael Dougherty Godzilla: King of the Monsters was released consisting of a number of characters like King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, King Kong, Queen MUTO, Behemoth, Scylla and Methuselah. The latest movie released in 2021, Godzilla vs. Kong, consisted of King Kong, Mechagodzilla, Hell Hawk, Skullcrawler and Warbat.


The tones and themes of the films vary while some are based on political themes and dark tones other are simple action based movies which features aliens and monsters  perfect to watch if you are a action lover.

Godzilla Easter Egg You Must Know About

Similar to the themes the myths that Godzilla is a destroyer also varies from films to films, while in some movies Godzilla is seen as a pure destroyer with a motive to throw harm, other movies show him as an indestructible and helpful creature saving the planet from opponents and his own family wars.

Easter Eggs

Here’s a list of Godzilla’s Easter eggs shown around the franchise:

  • Mothra: Mothra is a moth-like titan and is based on the original Gojira. The character first came into the franchise in 1961. The new franchise has shown the character in its original title as “Mosura” by Monarch.

Godzilla Easter Egg You Must Know About

  • King Ghidorah: The actual name of the character has been derived from hydra and has been known as “One of the many”. Like hydra, the Godzilla in this specie can also generate itself from cut off parts.
  • Rodan: Rodan enters through the rising volcano in Mexico where he was held in Pyrostatis.

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