Do you remember ever experiencing an earthquake? Even if you haven’t, it is important to know the impact that an earthquake can have on your life.

Everyone has a story about the worst earthquakes. These natural disasters are not for everyone.

Afghanistan was also hit by the worst earthquake in 20 years. Continue reading for more details about Afghanistan Earthquake WIKI.

What’s the story?

A strong earthquake struck Afghanistan’s mountainous, rural regions on June 22nd 20, 2022. The earthquake, measuring 6.1 on Richter scale, struck eastern Afghanistan near Pakistan border.

Tremors were felt even further away, in India and Pakistan. According to the United States Geological Survey the earthquake struck at approximately 27 miles (44 km), from Khost in the southeast. The worst hit region in Paktika province is the southeastern. The detailed news below will provide more information.

More Information on Afghanistan Earthquake 2202

Bakhtar (state-run news agency), released photos and tweeted that 90 houses had been burned in Paktika.

Rescue efforts are ongoing, with food and medical supplies being sent to the affected areas. Salahuddin Ayubi of the Interior Ministry stated that the death toll will rise because many villages are located in remote mountainous areas. It will take some time for all the details to be gathered.

The earthquake, which occurred suddenly and was felt worldwide overnight, may have more severe effects in the future.

Statistics and Numbers of the Destruction

Afghanistan Earthquake Information reports large-scale damages and the Taliban, who took control of Afghanistan last August, appeals for international aid.

Officials responsible for disaster management say that 1500 people are currently injured. This number is expected to increase over time. A minimum of 1,000 people were killed in the disaster, and many children lost their families.

Most deaths confirmed are from Paktika in the eastern province. There, 255 people were killed. Nangarhar also had deaths.

Antonio Guterres (head of the United Nations) said that the organization was fully prepared for the natural disaster. UN officials claim that supplies of medical supplies, food and emergency shelters are already on their way to the earthquake area. A senior Taliban official stated that Afghanistan can’t provide the needed assistance.

Taliban-ruled Afghanistan earthquake Todayseems to be a difficult time for the nation, especially considering that it is already suffering from hunger and other economic crises.

As local media footage shows, rescue helicopters are used to save people. Others are treated on the ground. Mohammad Amin Hozaifa (information and culture director in Paktika province), said that injured people are being taken by helicopter to Gardez, and Kabul. But, he said that people are digging graves after graves, referring to the deaths, and the people who remain in the residues.

The magnitude of the Afghanistan Earthquake USGS was predicted to be 5.9, however the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre EMSC reported that the magnitude was 6.1.

According to EMSC tremors were felt by 119 million people over 310 miles (525 km). Witness accounts posted to the EMSC website indicate that the tremors are felt most strongly in Kabul and Islamabad.

Final Verdict

Many people are thought to be trapped in the ruins. According to local time on Wednesday, the shock hit Afghanistan at 1:44 AM.


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