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One Piece is presently in the middle of a pivotal story arc. When the War of Onigashima comes to a close, fans are eager to see how things will turn out. After the intense combat, Luffy’s goal of becoming the Pirate King may or may not come true. In the previous episode, Luffy and Yamato hurried to the castle to stop Kaido and Big Mom from searching for the One Piece treasure. So, in One Piece Episode 994, will they be able to stop the villains? Who will intervene to prevent Orochi from murdering Momonosuke? Here’s everything you need to know.

The members of the Akazaya nine will face off against Kanjuro in the next episode. To acquire power, the traitor had sold all of the knowledge to Kaido. However, he will now be held accountable for his conduct. A terrible struggle between Kanjuro and Kikunojo will be featured in the upcoming episode. Fans are eager to witness how the final stages of the conflict will play out. #onepiece

One Piece Episode 994: Plot Details & Preview

one piece episode 994

“The Akazaya Face-off!” is the title of the next episode of One Piece. Kanjuro vs Kikunojo!” As the title suggests, the next episode will focus on a heated confrontation between the two Akazaya members. Kanjuro stopped Kiku as he was about to enter the walls of Onigashima. He also made fun of the men by mentioning Momonosuke’s public execution. The war between the two parties would begin with this remark. Kiku wasn’t going to cringe when he attacked his sworn brother, according to the trailer.

On the other hand, Big Mom will take on her proper form to complete her final task. Kaido and Big Mom would continue their search for the ultimate treasure within Onigashima while most of the culprits were engaged in fighting their men. Luffy and Yamato will return to the castle to prevent the two from obtaining One Piece. As a result, the preparations for Momonosuke’s execution will be featured in One Piece Episode 994.

One Piece Episode 994: Release Date

one piece episode 994

The fight between Kanjura and Kikunojo will determine the outcome of the war. Finally, Kanjuro must pay for his wrongdoings following the devastating betrayal. So, on October 3, 2021, One Piece Episode 994 will be released. On Netflix, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab, fans may view all of the episodes of One Piece. For further information, keep an eye on this corner.

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