Health History of Joe Biden Dementia and Full Details on Allegations

During October last year with the ongoing campaign for being the President was going on there were a lot of questions raised against How healthy Joe Biden is for becoming the next President. Donald Trump who was Joe’s opponent had put allegations that Biden wasn’t mentally stable to be elected he said, “There were a lot of people that say let him talk because he loses his train . . . He loses his mind, frankly.” Which had everyone thinking whether with such health risks is Biden actually fit for Presidency.

Health History of Joe Biden Dementia and Full Details on Allegations

One of the major reasons for this who facade being raised in the first place was the age, Joe Biden is 78-years-old and He is now the oldest person to become the President of the United States of America, and with this age comes the critical health risks.

Although a three-page-summary was submitted by Joe containing his whole medical history given by Kevin O’Connor, associate professor of Medicine at George Washington University, and he was said to be “vigorous” and fit for the presidency.

Joe Biden Dementia Suffering?

“Joe Biden dementia” was a topic of highlight after Trump’s false accusations that Biden took a cognitive test. It is a fact that, Above the age of 65, a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease or vascular dementia doubles about every 5 years. Dementia affects one in 14 people over 65 and one in six people over 80. Biden being 78-year-old is of course in the same age category but Richard Dupee, MD, chief of geriatrics at Tufts Medical Center has commented that specifically, vascular dementia occurs to those who smoke, is overweight, because of lack of exercise, and diabetes.

Biden’s lifestyle doesn’t include any of the above-mentioned things, He doesn’t consume liquor nor does he smokes, he works out and even takes regular medical check-ups which makes him completely healthy and aware of his body and health. So, if he were to suffer from many mental diseases it would’ve been disclosed by now his mental acuity is just fine and all the allegations were erroneous.

Biden’s Medical History:Health History of Joe Biden Dementia and Full Details on Allegations

  • When Joe was Senator in 1998 he had an aneurysm (weakening of an artery wall that creates a bulge, or distention, of the artery.) When admitted for massive headache doctors got to know about the aneurysm and that it has leaked at the base of the brain and he needed immediate surgery.
  • He didn’t have one but two aneurysms and one of them even ruptured during the surgery but was carefully managed. Also after his first surgery, he got a blood clot and thus, had another aneurysm surgery but both went successfully and he completely convalesced.
  • Biden had also suffered from non-melanoma skin cancer and his son suffered from the same disease and Joe wrote a book about his son’s condition “Promise Me Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose,” in which he also mentioned why he didn’t run for 2016’s presidential elections. Biden’s cancer was removed.
  • In addition to this Biden had dealt with episodic atrial fibrillation, allergies, and has been treated for orthopedic injuries in the past.

Despite this health history, Biden is doing great and is healthy as a horse and is well deserved for his Position as the 56th President of America.

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