Re Main Episode 12 is the upcoming episode of the series about a boy Minato who endeavors to play with his own life in each and every possible way. The article will tell you in-depth about the same and also give you notice on various series. To know the release date and plot let us begin with the remaining journey.

Re Main Episode 12


About: Re Main Episode 12

Minato Kiyomizu is a boy and the main read of the series Re Main. He wakes up from the coma and as he wakes up from the incident that occurred with him he was tormented. The accident was a car accident, he was once a very famous student in the field of polo. But the incident took him somewhere drowning.

The boy lost his memories straight to not one or two years but directly of three years. He was lost in a world without having polo in it and forgot about it. He then joined the school of Yamanami High School and began focusing on school life leaving polo games aside.

Re Main Episode 12

Eitaro tries to persuade Minato and the rejoin the water polo club and wanted to not to take any part in the same. Minato then gets frustrated and being compared to the past self and his failure to become an outcoming incident now.

With the one and only left Minato from the whole team suddenly needed him to join for polo. He and the teams have a hindered situation. The Yamanami water polo club nervously faces the day of the prefectural nervously and the day and prefectural. The Rikka and Minato battle is about to get into consideration, let us see in the next episode.

Release Date: Re Main Episode 12

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The new Re Main Episode 12 episode will be releasing on October 3, 2021. Take the necessary subscriptions to achieve a neverending show on your devices.

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Re Main Episode 12

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