All About FUE Hair Transplant

Is FUE Better Than FUT?

Even though the method of graft removal is a determining factor between the FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques, the skill levels of the surgeon and his/her staff are also important. In fact, FUT harvesting involves the use of microscopic dissection and is considered the best by some of the highly skilled physicians out there. But FUE does have some great advantages including not having a scar on the back of your scalp. You also don’t need to shave the back of your scalp in preparation for the FUE procedure. Both FUT and FUE are some of the most effective hair transplant techniques on the market today.

What Is Transection & How Likely Is It To Occur With The FUT Vs FUE Procedure?

The Los Angeles Hair Institute explains that transection is when the end of a hair follicle is cut while harvesting it. The FUT procedure produces the least amount of damage to the hair follicle because the entire follicle is removed on a strip of skin during the procedure. But the FUE procedure involves cutting out individual hair follicles from the root. It can damage the root of the hair follicle as it’s being harvested out of the skin.

How Does An FUT Graft Look Different Than An FUE Graft?

FUT (Strip) and FUE grafts look different when they are removed. In fact, FUE grafts are individually harvested, and the procedure causes tearing of the bottom tissue, which is just the nature of FUE removal but not transection. On the other hand, FUT grafts are harvested with a strip of skin and are trimmed into individual grafts using a microscope.

Many clinics in the country don’t use quality microscopes for quality control. In fact, the expert team at Jae Pak MD Medical uses FUT-equivalent quality grafts in our FUE procedure. We don’t charge patients for poor-quality or inferior-quality grafts that are removed. 

Which Is Quicker – FUE Or FUT?

There are many factors that contribute to the efficiency of each method. In fact, one method isn’t faster than the other. The expertise of the surgeon, the elasticity of the skin, and the quality control used by the surgical team are some of these factors. The experts at LA Hair Institute inspect each hair follicle under a microscope and implant only viable grafts in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

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