Know About Preserved Roses and the Start to Flowers Giving Tradition

Are you aware of why people give flowers to their loved ones? In today’s society, we find people give flowers as a way to communicate their feelings. Whether you want to express your love or gratitude to someone, simply giving flowers can be a perfect way to do so. It can be any kind of flower, but roses like rainbow colored roses for sale appear to be the most popular ones.

 There are two types of roses- fresh ones that last for days or maybe a few weeks, and then there are preserved roses that last for over a year and even more. Regardless of the flower, there is no denying the fact that this practice of giving flowers has a wonderful history. With this in mind, let’s explore how the practice of giving flowers has changed over the years.

As per the history, myths, and legends dating back to ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese, and Egyptian civilizations, flowers were an important part of social customs. During these periods, giving flowers was a way to easily express people’s emotions. In addition, in Greek mythology, you can find a lot of information about specific flowers representing gods and goddesses.

Giving flowers continued until the Middle Ages, especially among the English and French. It is believed that this tradition of giving different flower types began in Europe. This custom continued to be widely practiced during the Victorian era too. It was not considered appropriate to express feelings using words during this age. As a result of this, people started showing their feelings by giving bouquets of flowers. Also, the Victorians had numerous rules for giving flowers. For instance, if someone bought beautiful roses from a florist and gave it to the recipient upside down, the recipient would surely be angry. This is majorly because if the red roses were gifted upside-down, it represented anger in those times. 

Dated back to the ancient era, this custom of giving flowers continues today. But gifting flowers or bouquets on different occasions and to different people now has different meanings associated. Moreover, people also have the option to gift not just fresh flowers today but also preserved ones like the real single black rose that lasts a year.

With passing time, even the reasons for giving flowers have also evolved. Although there is a possibility that it may have started out as a way to express love for another person, there are other reasons why people choose to give flowers today. Take a look at some of the most common reasons and occasions to gift flowers:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Funeral
  • Anniversary
  •  Get well soon flowers
  • Sympathy flowers

Just like the Victorians, today, people have associated different meanings with flowers, especially different colors of flowers. For instance, red roses symbolizes deep love, and gifting them to anyone means you love them deeply or are proposing to them. Likewise, white roses mean pure love and also represent admiration; yellow roses can mean dejection.

The bouquet of flowers that you choose can be cheap or expensive depending on the quality of the flower you wish to give. This is where it becomes important that you do your research before investing your money. One of the most popular choices for bouquets for gifting purposes and even decoration purposes is preserved roses.

They can be a little pricey, but considering the amazing fact that these roses last a year and even more, this means you’ll be able to enjoy them longer. This can be one reason to consider investing in them. Let’s talk a bit more about these preserved roses.

Preserved Roses

People have been giving flowers to each other for hundreds of years now. We all will agree that there’s not a simpler and more natural way to brighten someone’s day than giving them colorful, sweet-smelling blooms.

What if it becomes possible to get a gorgeous bouquet or floral arrangement that looks and remains fresh and beautiful for months or until a year, just like the freshly bought roses, and even requires little maintenance. Also, what if they are good for the environment? This is exactly what you get when you invest in preserved roses.

Here are the prime reasons why roses that last a year make the perfect gift:

They’re 100% Natural

Don’t confuse preserved roses with artificial flowers, as preserved roses are also 100% natural. But they stay perfect for so long as all the water and nutrients in flowers are replaced with a natural formula that continues to feed it, ensuring that they stay fresh for up to a year.

They’re Practical

Fresh flowers, especially roses, require a whole lot of care and attention, as they are quite delicate. On the other hand, preserved roses last a year and do not require any maintenance. This is because they have already received all the nutrients they need from the liquid inside and thus, don’t need to be watered regularly, placed in proper lighting, or given special care.

They’re Eco-friendly

Fresh roses are lovely to look at but extremely wasteful and not eco-friendly as they get thrown away after some days. Instead, opt for preserved roses that last a year and help keep our planet safe.


Because preserved roses last long, it also makes them quite economical. You don’t have to spend money every few days to give an update to your floral arrangements.

They Last Long

Preserved roses are long-lasting and ensure longevity. You can maintain their perfect texture, beauty, and scent for over a year. You might be surprised to know that some roses can even be preserved for much longer than that. Apart from buying these preserved roses for gifting and decoration on special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and more, people also buy them to decorate their homes. These roses make lovely home decor options that add colors and scents to any boring nook. In addition, they make a beautiful remembrance of the occasion they are gifted on.

They’re Beautiful

Last but not least, preserved roses come in wide color options. These roses are packed in a gorgeous glass dome, wooden box, and more to become a beauty that’s worth praising.

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