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How to choose a fence?

Are you looking for a fence for your backyard or patio? The purpose of the fence will decide which option is best for you. What privacy and security do you desire? Are you looking for privacy or security? 

There may be a combination of wire fencing, cat fencing, or critter fencing which will be best for you. This will help you decide the best fences for your situation. 

You want privacy in the product you choose. This means that you will need something tall and strong, with no gaps. These requirements can be met by timber fences made by Timber Ridge Fence Company. For those who are looking for low prices, ease of assembly, and a variety of height options, the typical panel fence will be their first choice. There are several standard height options for fence panels. They come in sizes ranging from 3ft up to 6ft. They also come in standard widths which make them simple to install and maintain. 

A fence that is high and strong will provide security. But a solid fascia is not necessary. For the best security, a rigid mesh fence system with steel posts installed at 6ft to8ft heights, or a steel palisade fencing that can be purchased up to three meters high, is recommended. 

Steel fences are a problem. While they are great for industrial and business settings, they can feel like a prison when used in domestic settings. A timber fence makes the best home security choice. It is taller and safer than a timber fence. Chain link fencing is also possible to be constructed higher than a timber fence and can be climbed higher. Closed board fencing is less expensive than fence panels but will provide more security than panel fencing. It can be mounted on a longer section post and can be built to higher heights. 

There are many options available if the decoration is your primary concern. These include picket fencing options, as well as wooden trellis fencing and decorative panels. There are many metal railing options. You should consider your budget and appearance when choosing a fence. Declarative fences may not be the best for privacy or security but they can add value and beauty to your garden when used as internal barriers. While they can be very private, metal railing fencing is a good option for perimeter fencing. 

There are many options available for you to provide containment for your pets and children. You have the option of timber rail fencing that is at least waist-high, clad in animal mesh, or security fences such as those mentioned previously. The amount of containment required will depend on your circumstances and what you are trying to contain. A fence used to contain a horse requires different characteristics from a fence designed for children. 

If you don’t need a demarcation or wire fence to mark your property, a simple fence can suffice. You can mount it on stakes with a diameter of a few inches and place it at 3m intervals. Between them, a wire line is strung. A farmer will often upgrade this demarcation with a wire mesh stock fence (1m high) or a timber post-and-rail system roughly chest-high with 3, 4, or 5, rails depending on the livestock. This will be the case if you have sheep or swine. You will need the right type of fence for your particular situation. 

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