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Strategies for increasing Instagram comments

Instagram has already buried the likes number in seven nations (Italy, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Ireland), as you are surely already aware of, and it is anticipated that the rest of the world will follow suit in due course. 

In fact, it’s quite possible that the initiative, which aims to elevate content and comments, will also apply to other social media platforms like Facebook.

In this circumstance, it is essential to make a slight adjustment to the marketing plan and place a wager on options that will increase audience connection and participation. But how should one go about doing it? To assist you, we have written a piece in which we share some tips for increasing Instagram comments.

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Yes, are you prepared to make notes and encourage more interaction from your followers? Let’s begin!

Hints and techniques for increasing Instagram comments

Is the likes counter really going away from Instagram? Although in practice you will still see the “likes” that your fans give you, everything in theory points to yes. The only thing that will change is that the rest of the users who access your profile won’t be able to see it. It will be concealed.

The likes are currently a part of the data to know a brand’s engagement ratio (and until the measure reaches Spain). However, you must be aware that Instagram has always valued comments more. If likes are permanently hidden, this will further boost user engagement with content, so the sooner you introduce fresh strategies to motivate them, the better.

With the Goread comments, you can persuade users to support your brand, gain visibility in the top feeds of your audience, and boost account interaction. Nearly nothing! Naturally, this does not take into account the fact that your worth will rise and your internet reputation will grow.

And what can you do to increase Instagram comments? Look at it!

Your posts can become tales.

It is no secret that it is getting harder to establish an organic online presence. Even if you have thousands of followers, only a select handful will really see your posts, which is why an increasing number of influencers and brands are choosing to “warn” their followers in their stories when they have new photos in their feed.

Have you actually observed that many people upload photos with emoticons on top or upside down to pique interest and entice users to log into their accounts? You can follow suit! Additionally, you can use this chance to inform your followers that you will be active for a short while, responding to their queries, in order to increase the number of comments on Instagram.

Give your viewers more prominence

Promoting conversation with your followers is another method you may use to increase the number of comments you receive on Instagram. You have a wide range of options at your disposal, from running lotteries to integrating specific user inquiries in your publication calendar.

Consider that you run a vacation firm as an illustration. In this situation, you have the choice to make a post once a week that asks a question that is just directed at them in the image that you upload, such as “Which destination would you like to visit on your next vacation? ” or “Which trip did you like the most? ” By doing this, you will be enticing them to share a little more information with you and enhance contact with your prospective clients.

Additionally, you have the choice to create a post that asks readers to finish an incomplete sentence (also included in the post’s image), such as “When I travel, I always have to take…” or “The first thing I think about when I arrive on a plane is… “

Although the example comes from a travel agency, we are confident that it would work well for any type of company. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild! Look at the typical queries customers pose to you and the letters your clients send you.

It is vital to always respond to the comments that your fans give you in the publications if you want to increase your number of comments on Instagram. In addition to liking what they say, it’s a good idea to respond in an attempt to strike up a dialogue so that they will respond.

By doing this, you’ll not only enhance interaction but also reputation and visibility for your brand. All benefits!

Remember to use hashtags

Additionally, it’s crucial to include a number of hashtags with each post so that other users can find you via the “explore” button and leave additional comments.

Of course, keep in mind that you should always use pertinent, post-related tags from your industry. In spite of the fact that you might receive more hits, using the most popular hashtags at the moment if they have nothing to do with your update will make individuals who are looking for certain content uncomfortable and, of course, will not help your brand.

What do you think of our Instagram commenting strategies? We sincerely hope that they will assist you in raising the profile of your business on social media. Of course, if you feel that you require additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact

Our team of community management experts will be in charge of keeping all of your social media accounts updated with relevant content for the audience you wish to target.

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