Is Diploma in Agriculture the Right Choice for you is the question of many and one can know about it from the information ahead. If you have completed your schooling and you are worried about what to do next, then you need to get your options lined up. One of the options that you can consider for your diploma is studying agriculture. The students who love science and math should go for agriculture as it would be the right choice for them. With a diploma in agriculture, the students can get to know the principles of ranching, agricultural practices, farming, and a lot more. Agriculture and the introduction of technology have helped to revolutionize production as well as distribution.

So, all those who are interested in knowing what to do next should know what perspectives are focused on the agriculture portion.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Importance of agriculture
  2. More opportunities
  3. Competitive salary
  4. More career options
  5. Chances to work with the MNCs
  6. Specializations in Agriculture Diploma
  7. How to choose the best college for getting a diploma in Agriculture?
  8. Conclusion

Importance of agriculture

A diploma in agriculture college taught you more about the basics of agricultural practices. Agriculture is a very important and critical occupation of the world. Most of the world and people rely on the products that we get from land and the demand increases with time. The introduction of technology has changed the industry and the advancements are being carried out on a routine basis which involves high-tech and fast-moving innovations. Since the fields are vast therefore the career paths are also. University in Bhopal helps the students to pursue the course.

If you want to go into more sciences then take up subjects that include physics, chemistry, and biology but if you want to go to the business side then go with management subjects.

More opportunities

 If you are pursuing a diploma in agriculture then there is a big room of opportunities that opens up for you and especially in the agriculture sector. That is the candidates get an opportunity to work in various sectors such as horticulture, agronomy, and agriculture economy. The agriculture sector is expected to grow by 12% in the coming years. So, diploma holders in agriculture have great opportunities in the future.

Competitive salary

The diploma course has a great salary package for the students pursuing it. The salary ranges from INR 2,00,000 to 10,00,000 or even more. As per the website, the pay scale of the specialists can range from INT 558.000 per annum. And thus, a diploma in agriculture is regarded to be one of the most profitable courses in the country and one should surely pursue it.

More career options

Those who want to pursue a diploma in agriculture can do that even after 10th so this helps them to start an early career and furthermore, they can gain valuable experience in their graduation. So, after the completion of the diploma, the students can further pursue the UG program and it is good for their knowledge and skills. However, those who want to get a job directly can even get it after the completion of a diploma by having the relevant knowledge and skills.

Chances to work with the MNCs

A diploma in Agriculture helps to open up more career options in front of students. Moreover, students can choose to be with the top companies. Companies such as ITC, Britannia, Rallis, and a lot more. Also, there are other options for students to get into higher studies.

Specializations in Agriculture Diploma

There are various specializations in Agriculture diplomas which one can choose from.

  • Food Processing: A diploma in agriculture with a food processing specialization helps the students to learn about the various units and techniques of food production.
  • Organic Farming: The concept is very famous and in this farming is done without using fertilizers and pesticides. The candidates can even learn chemical-free farming through various specialization courses.
  • Seed Technology: The candidates need to know the various techniques of seeds and the various measures of quality that one should know. Apart from those various other advantages of organic farming, farming procedures are even described.

How to choose the best college for getting a diploma in Agriculture? 

Choosing an ideal college to get a diploma in Agriculture can be a tough task for students. Well, there are so many private and government colleges/institutes that offer diplomas as well as degree courses in the agriculture sector. If we talk about Madhya Pradesh in particular, Mansarovar Global University is indeed the bestagricultural college in Bhopal. The diploma is offered by the department of agriculture science and technology of MGU. The duration of the diploma course is 2 years and the exam will be held in yearly mode. The university is known for its quality education as well as the best teaching approaches.

In order to take admission to the best private university in Bhopal, you just need to qualify for your 10th class from any recognized school or institution with 50% aggregate marks. Students from the reserved category will get reservations as per state government rules. There will be a 5% relaxation to the students of North East states including Sikkim/ Defense Personnel and their Dependents/ Wards of Kashmiri Migrants.


MGU diploma in agriculture college offers a two-year course and is for students who want to make their full-time career in the agriculture field. The course helps the students to know about livestock, agricultural extension, and various other subjects. A diploma in Agriculture is a very good career option for those who are interested in farming. It helps to widen their knowledge and career options. Those who belong to the agricultural field will find the course way easier to pursue. The best private university in Bhopal offers the course for the betterment of students’ bright futures. One can pursue various career paths after studying for a diploma in agriculture. They can pursue higher education or take experience in the field. The placement ratio is 50%, therefore the students prefer to do a degree in agriculture. It helps to get knowledge in agriculture, agricultural extension, agricultural chemistry, and various other aspects of agriculture. One can learn these from the agriculture college in Bhopal.


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