How To Get Messaging On Tumblr Everything You Need To know

In this era of COVID and quarantine, the social media sites have glowed up as an help for people to communicate with each other, one such site is Tumblr that is owned and run by  Automattic. Tumblr launched a new feature of messaging as a way for the bloggers and audience to ask each other questions online. But messaging online can be daunting sometimes.

We have prepared a list just for you on how you can start messaging on Tumblr and some important pointers to keep in mind.

How To Get Messaging On Tumblr

Tumblr is an American blogging and social networking site that allows the users to post content in the form of small blogs. The audience can reach to each other’s blogs and ask questions related to them to the owner. It comes with a dashboard of each user showing the recent activities and posts from bloggers they follow.

How To Get Messaging On Tumblr Everything You Need To know

The users can also schedule their posts by the help of queue. The use of tags enable the audience to look for a common topic and read articles based on that. This makes the content readily available to reach the audience in a short span of time. The users can also edit the theme of their blogs and make it look according to their own preferences, with the help of HTML Editing. The users can also make a custom domain name.

How To Get Messaging On Tumblr Everything You Need To know

By 2019, Tumblr hosted around 450 million blogs and visitors in millions putting out blogs and increasing activities around the globe.

Messaging on Tumblr

Unlike the “Ask” feature in Tumblr users cannot send the messages anonymously. There are options to limit messaging on Tumblr. You can limit the messages to to only those Tumblr users you follow. You cannot anyone who has blocked you on Tumblr. Now, since we have looked into the complexities of how to use Tumblr let’s look into how you can easily message anyone on Tumblr:

How To Get Messaging On Tumblr Everything You Need To know

  1. Log into your account using your credentials.
  2. Click on the small envelope icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select the “Send Fan Mail” on the right . Type the name of person you want to send message to.
  4. If the name is correct a check mark will show next to their name.
  5. Type the message as you want and click on the “Send” button on the lower right corner.

And Voila! your message has been delivered successfully.

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