6 Easy Hacks to Fix Internet Speed Issues

Everyone in today’s era is pursuing fast internet. Why it should not be because every aspect of our life is dependent on the internet. Especially when it comes to people who are working remotely or working as a freelancer need to ensure stable and steady internet all the time. 

And not to forget the ever-increasing interest in online gaming and streaming that has gripped everyone in its charisma. No one could effort to lose a battle in Call of Duty or watch round annoying buffering icon while binge-watching their favorite Netflix series. Furthermore, people who are always glued to their screens for browsing, socializing, and watching YouTube videos also need a decent amount of speed to continue their activities. 

When it comes to high-speed internet, it all depends on the service provider you choose and the type of connection you subscribe to. If you are living in remote areas, you might not have any option than going for satellite internet. But if you live in an urban area, you can find plenty of service providers like Spectrum offering high-speed internet. 

So far Spectrum offers coverage in more than 40 states all over the country and delivers optimal customer support 24/7. For any queries and assistance in Spanish, contact spectrum servicio al cliente 24 horas. Even if sometimes Spectrum internet is not working properly, make sure to try the tips given below before calling customer support. Have a look at it. 

Check Your Monthly Data Cap 

If you have been using Spectrum internet for a while, you might know that it provides an unlimited data. But when it comes to other service providers, they might place a data limit on your monthly internet plan. And in this internet-driven society, running out of data is normal as most activities require high bandwidth and data consumption. 

If your service provider has given a limited data allowance on your plan, make sure that it never runs out because once it is over, the service provider may throttle the speed. To avoid this situation, make sure to either place limitations on daily usage or look for ISP offering an unlimited data allowance. 

Give Rest to Your Router 

Your router might not have turned off or given rest for months or even years. Before calling customer support, giving your router some rest for a while will refresh your internet and might resolve the issue instantly. Make sure to reset your router once every week or month so that the internet connection refreshes. If you are facing speed issues often, resetting your router on daily basis will resolve the issue. 

If you have a separate modem, make sure to restart it too. You might not want to struggle too much resetting your device, then make sure to place an outlet time that can turn the system on and off for you. You can program it according to your requirements and program it when the internet is not in use. However, keep in mind that your internet won’t be working super-fast after resetting your router. 

Place Your Router in Center Location 

When it comes to a WiFi router, your device may not catch a signal in every part of the home. You might have put your router in an enclosed space such as a cabinet, bookshelf, or somewhere else where other wireless devices are also placed. The solution to resolve this issue is to place your router in a central place so that signals can reach out everywhere in the house. Mostly the living area of your home is the best place to set your router so that devices could catch the signals without any interruptions. 

Close Tabs that are not in Use 

When working on a project, you might open so many tabs on your browser. Make sure to use a reliable browser for all your browsing activities and close the unused tabs for optimal speed. You may not feel any lags or interruptions while switching from one tab to another. 

Disconnect other Devices

When it comes to slow internet, you might not be able to figure out the reason. But one thing is for sure there are plenty of devices connected to the same network and they may not be in use.

One of the common fixes to speed up your internet is to disconnect all those idle devices and get your speed back to normal. When plenty of idle devices is connected to the network, they may have background applications running, consuming some amount of bandwidth. It is good practice to disconnect all those devices and connect only those that are in use. 

Contact Customer Support 

If none of the above hacks help you to fix the internet speed issue, the last resort is to call your service provider’s customer support. Most ISPs offer customer support not only on phone but also on social media handles and live chat. 

Summing Up 

Hope now you are well aware of the little hacks that can help you fix speed issues. Before calling customer support, make sure to try these hacks and get your internet speed back to normal. 

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