Titled “Momoshiki’s Manifestation”, 208th episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was released on 18th of July 2021. This series is a sequel to Naruto, and follows the journey of Naruto’s eldest son Boruto. This spin-off show, series four, has total 52 episodes. In this article we will discuss the latest episode released.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 208 : Spoiler Alert!


Episode starts with Momoshiki stating that Boruto has no chakra left, he stops mid air, catch himself from falling, looks directly at Naruto. Momoshiki lands by Naruto and absorbs a number of his chakra. He resumes kicking Boro around. Momoshiki kill Boro with a big Rasengan which was even bigger than the one Boruto used to defeat Momoshiki.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 208 Everything You Need to know

Kawaki also regains consciousness. Momoshiki comments that Boruto remains ways off from losing everything as Boruto’s Karma recedes. Mitsuki catches Boruto as he falls after loosing the boroshiki form . Baruto doesn’t remember what happened. Mitsuki and Sarada are concerned by his Karma.

Two days later, Naruto wakes up within the hospital and is informed of what happened. He asked if everyone was okay. Boruto rushes to tell Kawaki, and Naruto asks about Sasuke. Sakura informs Sasuke that Naruto woke up. Katasuke speculates that Kawaki’s body could be rejecting the prosthetic, and Kawaki refuses painkillers that will dull his senses.

Sai speculates they may have changed its coordinates. Boruto describes how Boro fought, how Sarada successfully used Chidori against him. Sasuke was impressed when he heard that Sarada used Chidori. Sarada explains what Boro said about making people believe miracles came along with his virus. Kawaki explains that each one Kara members, including himself, were modified by a scientist named Amado.

Boruto confesses to not remembering the tip of the fight with Boro. Sarada and Mitsuki exchange looks. Sakura arrives and insists Naruto must rest. Kawaki calls Boruto aside and tells how he grew a horn when his Karma expanded. Boruto recalls Momoshiki’s words.

Mitsuki reveals Boro called Boruto Momoshiki’s vessel. They speculate that the Karma could be a way  resurrect themselves, but Sasuke believes Jigen himself could be a vessel for one more entity. Shikadai and Inojin come to the hospital, bringing Taiyaki for Kawaki as a many thanks for shielding Naruto.


They play Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls. Sumire arrives and stresses Kawaki must rest. The others leave, and Kawaki asks Sumire why they call her “class rep”. She explains they’re from the identical class within the Academy. He asks her for the painkillers.

He overhears Shikamaru stressing the danger of another attack through Kawaki’s Karma to Naruto. At home, Boruto ponders on his Karma and Momoshiki’s words. At the hospital, Kawaki is bothered by everyone who has been nice to him in Konoha.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 208 Everything You Need to know

The spin off has kept people hooked and the action events of the 208th episode have been very important for story progression. Fans absolutely loved the action sequence.

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