Release date of chapter 304 of the manga Black Clover is almost here, and we are expecting to finally see the events that are going to follow the bomb shell the previous chapter dropped upon us. After a week long of wait, the answers are finally coming our way.

Read Manga Online Black Clover Chapter 304 : Glad Tidings, Release Date, Upcoming Plot

The upcoming chapter is titled Glad Tidings. In this article, we will discus everything that you need to know about the manga and the upcoming chapter.

Upcoming Plot of Chapter 304

The 303rd chapter of the manga was a treat for the readers. They absolutely loved the turn of events and have been tweeting about it since then. Sharing their feelings in form of posts and memes.

The story will move forward with the last chapter where we witnessed Noelle and Nozel fighting together to defeat Magicula, and ultimately fulfilling their mother’s prophecy. In the Upcoming episode we might see  Zenon and Yuno fighting. However, as we all know by now, Yuno might taste defeat on the hands of Zenon due to laters’ exceptional powers. Lets see what Yuno has in store for himself as Asta seems least interested in helping him as well.

Black Clover Chapter 304 | Release Date|

The chapter promising Zenon and Yuno’s fight will be aired on August 29, 2021. The timings differ according to the reader’s time zones. There wont be any break in the weekly release of manga this week, as opposed to what readers have experienced earlier.

Read Chapter 304 of Black Clover Online

With only four days left for the release, there is an energetic hype among the readers. We bring you two most reliable platforms to enjoy the manga to its fullest.

Manga Plus

Viz Media

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