Getter Robo Arc Episode 5 Release Date ,Cast And Everything you need to know

Newly released Getter Robo Arc anime series will be releasing the 5th episode soon. Here is everything you need to know before the release of the Episode:

Getter Robo Arc Episode 5 : Cast

Takuma Nagare, Sho Kamui, Baku Yamagishi and Hayato Jin are a few characters of the show who carry the anime on their shoulders; gracefully. These characters have been voiced by another set to talented people: Yuma Uchida, Arimaro Mukaino, Kazuhiro Sunseki and Naoya Uchida respectively.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 5 : Story Till Now

Its been almost two decades since Ryoma Nagare, Go Ichimonji and Messiah Tyr  (from Shin Getter Robo and Robo Getter Go) have transported themselves to Mars. Following the devastation on earth post their departure a foreign entity Andromeda Stellaration has brought havoc to the earth. A new team from Getter, lead by Hayato is trying to contain the situation and protect the earth. For the same they assembled a new robo: Getter Robo Arc. In the background of the main plot line, the characters are searching for answers of their own and make many enlightening and some startling discoveries.

The audience is all praises for this show despite the fact that just four episodes have been released till now.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 5 : Release Date and Time

The new episode will be coming out on 1st of August 2021. The release time of the series differs according to different time zones. Since the anime is in an initial state right now, it has not been dubbed and is available in Japanese language only.

Getter Robo Arc Episode 5 Release Date ,Cast And Everything you need to know

Where to Watch: Getter Robo Arc Episode 5

The new episode can currently be watched on limited platforms only, again owing to its initial release. The two sites where the show is available are: ANIPLUS and HIDIVE.

You can watch the preview of the series here:

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