.Komi Can’t Communicate Vol 17 will be releasing around Mid-February! Let us dig into it’s release date, chapters, characters, plot, spoilers and more!!

Komi Can’t Communicate Vol 17 Release Date and Plot

The Japanese name for this manga is “Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu”. The title of this manga is also known as Komi Has a Communication Disorder. Shogakukan publishes this manga. They published the Japanese Version on May 18, 2020. Viz Media started releasing it’s English Version on June 11, 2019. They will be releasing the volume 17 on 8 February 2022. Tomohito Oda writes and illustrates Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu. The genre of this manga comes under Coming-of-age, Romantic comedy, and Slice of life. He started publishing the manga since May 2016 on  Shogakukan‘s Weekly Shōnen Sunday.

Komi Can't Communicate Vol 17 Release Date, Plot, and Everything You Need To Know

Shouko Komi starts her life at elite Itan Private High School. We see that within one day her class showers her with surges of praises. And she also receives huge friend requests owing to her beauty. But she doesn’t utter a word to them! No one knows or understands the reason. However, Hitohito Tadano, an average boy who sits near her learns the reason. He realizes that she has a severe communication disorder. Komi has extreme social anxiety. It makes it hard to communicate with others. As a result, they make a pact. Tadano and Komi aim to reach her goal of 100 friends.

Komi Can’t Communicate Vol 17 Chapters and Characters


It contains 12 chapters.

1 – Communication 224: Wig.

2 – Communication 225: I’m Okay.

3 – Communication 226: Someone Like Me.

4 – Communication 227: Of Course.

5 – Communication 228: Can’t.

6 – Communication 229: FBI.

7 – Communication 230: Theatre.

8 – Communication 231: Invitation.

9 – Communication 232: Secret.

10 – Communication 233: Festival Date 2.

11 – Communication 234: The Afterparty.

12 – Omake 17.

Komi Can't Communicate Vol 17 Release Date, Plot, and Everything You Need To Know


Shouko Komi.

Hitohito Tadano.

Najimi Osana.

Ren Yamai.

Omoharu Nakanaka.

Himiko Agari.

Makeru Yadano.

Rumiko Manbagi.

Akako Onigashima.

Shigeo Chiarai.

Taisei Sonoda.

Mono Shinobino.

Shōsuke Komi (Shouko’s younger brother).

Hitomi Tadano (Hitohito’s younger sister).

Nokoko Inaka.

Nene Onemine.

Kaede Otori.

Spoilers Few Ending notes:

In Volume 17, the plot focuses on a high school cultural festival. This is supposed to be a fun event! But Rumiko Manbagi looks at Komi a rival. She thinks that Komi also like Tadano and feels like competition. This can bring cracks to her friendships with each of them. This manga sheds on the romcom side of this focus. Will their friendship survive this newfound compeition?

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