A Japanese anime series, Death Parade was written, created and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa in 2015. The series is produced by Madhouse. The anime series first aired in Japan from January to March 2015. The series has 12 episodes.

In the afterlife there are several mysterious bars run by bartenders serving as intermediaries inside a tower. Whenever someone dies they are sent to these bars. Here all the dead have to compete in the Death game. The results of these games reveal how the souls were led there and what will be their fate after this. The arbitrators of the bars judge if the soul will be sent into void or reincarnated.

Everything You Need to Know About Death Parade Season 2 Plot,Release Date

The story follows Decim, the solitary bartender of the bar where dead people arrive. The bar is known as the Quindecim bar. Decim and his assistant manage the bar of the afterlife.

Will we ever get season 2 of Death Parade?

Everything You Need to Know About Death Parade Season 2 Plot,Release Date

Madhouse is popularly known for producing animes with only one season. Given to Death Parade’s success amongst the anime enthusiasts, Madhouse agreed to produce another season of the anime.

There has been no recent followup on the Death Parade season 2. We still don’t have any official information about its release date. Although on the positive side, Madhouse hasn’t announced the cancellation of the loved anime series either. So it is safe to keep our hopes up.

Madhouse has produced other hit anime shows like One Punch Man, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, and more.

What will be the plot of Death Parade season 2?

Everything You Need to Know About Death Parade Season 2 Plot,Release Date

Desu Paredo or popularly known as Death Parade, is based on a short film produced by Yuzuru Tachikawa called Death Billiards.Death Parade’s popularity shot through the roof and Madhouse had to announce another season in 2016. Season 2 is still in development, and there have been several theories why we haven’t got season 2 yet.

One reason could be that Madhouse may not have a story for season 2. Unlike other anime series that are inspired from books and manga, Death Parade is inspired from a short film produced by Tachikawa.

While we still don’t know the plot details for the upcoming season, Madhouse can always choose to explore Decim’s backstory. It will build his character further. It will also be amusing to see how Decim’s behavior will change as an Arbiter after an emotional encounter with Chiyuki.

There’s also the possibility that we will see Chiyuki back to the afterlife. We are excited to know will Chiyuki recognize Decim in afterlife?

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