Shovel Knight Cheat Codes Latest Update and Everything you Need Know

Shovel knight is a very exciting game which has been released on march 31, 2015. It is a side scrolling and platform game for the nintendo 3ds, wii u, psp, ps3, xbox one and windows which takes you through levels that are hard but fun.

There are a lot of challenges to overcome in this game as you need to defeat all enemies in order to proceed in the level and there are three boss fights that are at the end of each stage.The way you can complete these challenges is by using shovel knight cheat codes which will be telling you about now.Shovel Knight Cheat Codes Latest Update and Everything you Need Know


A cheat code is a special code that you can input into the game which enables you to activate a specific feature in the game.

Here is an example of how you can get shovel knight cheat codes- go to the menu in the game and then press up and select “cheats” this will take you to your main player screen. now press down on “options” and when it pops up, hit up twice on “r”. This will display all of your available options.

Some Awesome Shovel Knight Cheat Codes :

There are some 321 or so cheat codes currently available in Shovel Knight. Cheats are activated when choosing the correct phrase as the name of a profile.

1.D&DEMO : It is a demo menu. When we click on it, it takes you to the secret demo menu.Once you select a demo, you can go back to the menu by holding the Left Subweapon Quick Select Button and the Inventory Button on the title screen, however, there is no way to exit the demo menu itself without restarting the game. In each campaign demo, you can only play one of the first couple of levels, but once you clear a level, or for the Joustus House’s case, beat Black Knight, the demo ends and the “Thank You for Playing“ screen appears.Shovel Knight Cheat Codes Latest Update and Everything you Need Know

2.CC&SPIN : It is called as Roulette Mode. Each time when we open it, it shows different armor and relic every time.

3.ENTSSYSQ : From this code all the stages will be cleared and can begin new game plus.

4.AZUIAOPF : With the help of the cheat code in the shovel knight game has air bubbles and all treasue float. We can start a new game with Alchemy Coin, Trench Blade, and Throwing Anchor unlocked.

5.WSWWAEAW : It is called as Butt Mode.It work as any mention of numerous reoccurring words in dialogue is replaced with “Butt” like Shovel, Health, Magic, Knight etc.

6.ISIQCFDN : It is called as Gray armor and it start with Dynamo Mail.

7.GWFCCFHP: It is called as Black armor and it Start with Mail of Momentum.

8.NRXNCIBS: It is called as Gold armor and it Start with Ornate Plate.

9.URCICMLP: It is called as Red armor and it Start with Final Guard.

10.SBYHIZRA : It Start with Fishing Rod with unlimited ammo. However, its firing rate is the same as normal.

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