Ownwell Property Tax Brief:

Learn more about Ownwell’s Property Taxprocess and mission to find out how they assist Property Tax Protesters on saving money.

Did you realize the Ownwell Tax Protest is not a term used to describe any kind of protest or revolution? However, Ownwell services made a headline when it served clients from Texas. Did you not know that United States government distributes assessment of property taxes every year? And people are required to have to pay huge amounts of tax which could be exempted?

Learn about a brand fresh ownwell property tax firm that supports this cause.


Pace is the creator of Ownwell. He is an entrepreneur who has made himself who was born into an extended family with an enormous amount of land that was used for agriculture. Pace was a resident of North Dallas ranches for 16 years. He learned about taxes and exemptions after he began handling property tax assessments for the land belonging to his family.

Pace discovered that there is a gap in understanding between a landowner who is a regular person and an investor in real estate. The landowners who are regulars pay the amount imposed through tax assessments or hire an attorney to manage the tax assessment process.

Ownwell Property Tax Protest Reviews:

Pace was aware Pace that regular landowners are either forced to pay excessive taxes or paying high attorney costs. Yet, at the exact at the same time, real state owners can benefit from exemptions granted by the government to obtain tax exemptions for property and reduce the cost of thousands of dollars.

Pace created Ownwell to assist homeowners who own land and built the company on moral values. Customers need only pay Ownwell when they are able to claim the tax exemption. Ownwell will only take 25 percent of the tax saved!

The user is able to join for free at and provide a few details to be eligible for the Property Tax assessment. Customer service at Ownwell will review any tax assessed and then call the customer with details on how much they can save.

If the customer is satisfied with the savings provided by Ownwell they are allowed to take advantage of their services. Ownwell employs just 27 workers but it doesn’t limit their capabilities. Ownwell has already created and utilized a state of the line proprietary software to develop the most efficient tax exemption cases for their clients.

It is believed that Ownwell was successful in claiming tax exemptions for one of their clients. It was determined the fact that Ownerwell Property Tax could save the average of $1,457 from taxes for their customers. Presently, Ownwell is operational in Florida, Washington, California and Texas. Ownwell is planning big for expansion in the near future.


Ownwell is a brand new company that offers property tax filing for homeowners who are unaware about tax exemptions for property. Ownwell appears to be establishing itself as an authentic nameproviding services at a cost that is very affordable in comparison to the costs to hire an attorney. If Ownwell fails to claim the tax exempt status, they will offer their services for free. Thus, Ownwell was able to gain popularity.

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