Who doesn’t wish for super powers at least once in their life. My Hero Academia is a story where 80% of the population is born with superpowers that start making their appearance by the person turns four. These superpowers are termed as “Quirks”. No two people can have the same powers, until and unless they are a close family.

About the manga

My Hero Academia is a world filled with super power and mystical magic, in this world Izuku Midoriya is born without any super powers, which is why he is bullied by his friends and peers. In this new world people either put their quirks to good use or exploit them for their advantages. Izuku is impressed with the world’s strongest super hero All Might.

Identifying Izuku’s potential, the hero decides to pass down his unique inheritable Quirk to his follower Izuku. In the series the super beings are divided into two parts of good and evil. These two groups are often found conflicting and fighting.

When is the My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Releasing

This famous manga series was written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi and is being run from 2014. The series have completed  320 chapters already. The next chapter, i.e, 321st chapter will be releasing on 1st August 2021. In India the timings will be 9:30 pm.  In the last episode we saw how the students are trying their best to stop Deku but all the forts go in vain.

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