Berserk Manga: Recently in May during the tragedic time, the news has come that the creator of this manga, Kentaro Miura has passed away at the age of 54. After hearing such news, all fans are very sad, and not only fans the whole manga team and anime team got shocked and in-depth heartbreak. Now the questions have started arriving in fan’s minds, that is it the end of the manga Berserk? Will the fans can look forward to any new chapter of Berserk manga?Berserk Manga

Well, all these answers have been cleared from a letter by the publisher about the future of manga and also fans will be seeing Berserk chapter 364 with Miura’s final script. The fans are having great emotion towards Berserk and still hoping for further because no solid answer has been revealed to date.

The letter shared by the publisher of Berserk MangaBerserk Manga

This heartfelt letter for this Berserk manga has been shared by a publisher of Young Adult Magazine, Hukushensha. He started the letter by thanking all the audiences and fans for giving all their support and true love to this original manga of Kentaro Miura. He also mentioned that finally after your patience, they have managed by publishing chapter 365 of Berserk in this tough time.Berserk Manga

Later, he had talked about the creator Kentaro Miura, who was such a great one that only because he wrote this manga has been so wonderful and have won so many hearts, remembering him and giving tribute to him, he (Hukushensha) mentioned that Young Adult Magazine has used the ink of Kentaro Miura to cover the magazine arts. After all, this was all done for one of the great writers Kentaro Miura and in the memory of a great-lost legend.

What can we say about the future of Berserk manga??

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The publisher has thanked so much to the audience in the letter for their support and had told to support more to Berserk Magna and the team. He also told that they are not having any solid answer regarding the end of Berserk manga also not having the answer to fan’s queries as they want this manga to be the original version of Kentaro Miura always. He concluded the letter by again thanking everyone and had stated that soon they will come with a solid decision for Berserk manga.

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